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Exqzr's Hero Rankings ~ Need community help to update the list

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::::::::::::::::.......Exqzr's Hero Rankings.......:::::::::::::::::

Click here to view the Rankings in a Google Doc

Disclaimer (please read before continuing to the Google Doc):

  1. My rankings, formerly known as the "Hero Ladder Rankings" are NOT a “Power List”, a “DPS list” or a “Raid List”. It is a direct reflection of my personal gaming experience with each Hero. This experience is tempered and adjusted by raw data, ongoing research and community feedback.

  2. Thus, Heroes are given grades based on approximately 65% my personal play testing of them. 25% hard data and numbers and 10% on the input and opinions of other players.

  3. My list attempts to capture the entire playing experience of every Hero in the game I have created it to share what is essentially an “objective opinion” on everything that a particular Hero can do. I mix intangible elements (such as vfx, voice overs and role playing suitability) with hard numbers, skill synergy, combat effectiveness, survivability, party support and other combat mechanics. My hope is that by compiling this information in a way that is meaningful to as many players as possible, it will assist them in getting more enjoyment out of the game.

  4. I have over 2000 hours of game time and all Heroes at 60. I only have a half dozen or so Heroes with 100 hours or more in them. Thus, The List is likely most relevant up to 50 hours of game play with any particular Hero. Beyond that, there are too many variables and too many dynamic options for it to remain cohesive. The further you go into the end game with a Hero, the less and less this list is going to be helpful for you. I do try to “forecast” how a Hero will perform well beyond 50 hours of playtime, but this is mostly an educated guess (see 60+ category). In other words, the list is a great place to start researching a Hero but you will want to look at some of the linked guides for a more in depth analysis on a specific Hero.

  5. You should not consider this list as “the final word” that defines a Heroes comparative value vs. other Heroes. I urge you to seek out additional sources of information to get alternative viewpoints – some directly opposed to mine – to help you decide what works best for you personally.

  6. I encourage feedback. Feedback can often have a direct impact on the rankings. All comments are read and considered, regardless of playing experience. I only ask that even if we strongly disagree, we remain civil at all times.

Click here to view the Ladder Rankings in a Google Doc


List is Current as of "2015" update.

Read about Psylocke's Initial Score in post #2.

Contest has been suspended. A new Contest will be announced shortly.

The rankings have been completely updated as of June 8th. Please click the link above to see the full detailed results.

Changes with update 2015 that have had a significant impact on the list.
1. A full pass was done on skills that provide buffs to party members. Every Hero now has some sort of Party Buff.

2. The total number of party members possible has been increased to 10, this has increased the overall weight of Support.

3. Many Heroes received individual buffs, which increased various categories specific to them.

4. Raids have shifted the balance of Hero Power in relation to PVE. Certain categories received a 1 grade reduction for every Hero. This did not affect their placement, but did effect the overall average score (Which was creeping up too high in any case). For those interested, the average Hero Score is shown in Box AJ3. Ideally I want this avg to be 80.

5. I will continue to make Tweaks over the next week, the entire list is current but also still a little in flux

Changes to the Mobility category that have significantly impacted the list (June 8th, 2014)

I was having some issues with the Mobility Category. Certain Heroes were getting to high a grade because they did one thing really well within that category and it's broad definition Whereas, others (like MK) were getting too low a grade because of my personal preference for fluid combat.

To correct this issue, I broke the Mobility category into 3 separate categories
1. Damage over Time (DoT)
2. Movement (Mov)
3. Travel (Tra)

I reduced the overall value from .85 to .8 and split that between the 3 categories (.3, .3 and .2) respectively. It may take me a week or two to get all the new grades properly attuned.

Almost all Heroes saw a minor increase/decrease and a few saw a loss/gain of several points.

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"You should review your tactics."

Review by @DeadHerald Feb 25th

Total Score: 60 (66 with editors adjustments)

Design (10): Cyclops' is a character that has access to multiple strategies, but they don't intermingle well. The player must employ a foucsed build in order to get any kind of effectiveness, and I say this as someone who hates the concept of min-maxing. In addition, he has too many redundant skills on his optics tree and his fighting tree almost seems to be an afterthought, despite the fact that, canonically, Scott Summers is more than capable in a close quarters fight. That being said, his tactics tree buffs are indispensible and just having him around turns a powerful team into a straight on killing mahine. Cyclops can be forged into an effective contributor with a little TLC. Not a total loss, but badly in need of his Lv52 review.

Defense (1) (edit:6): What does Cyclops have in common with Lady Gaga's clothing? They both get knocked to the ground by a strong breeze. Humor aside, Cyclops is unquestionably the flimsiest character in the game. A total glass cannon in every sense of the phrase. More to the point, he does have access to passives that boost his dodge and defense, but often one must sacrifice his vaunted offense abilities to access those boosts. Those who swear by the "Punchclops" build suggest he is much more sturdy when built for melee. But Cyke is never going to be able to go toe-to-toe at the level of a Captain America, Colossus, Daredevil or Spider-Man. It's a bad trade-off and simply not worth speccing into, too much power is lost for the sake of small amounts of survivability.

DPS (8): Although he's nowhere near the level of the heaviest hitters, his sustained DPS against a single target is at least workable. Optic Barrage is the skill of choice for boss killling, IMO. The sustained damage+slow is his best on offer for single targets. Explosive Blast's DoT is also helpful in keeping the damage up. Gearing and proper skill allocation are a must to get real headway in this sense.

AoE (12): THIS is where Cyclops truly shines, killing minion waves. Ricochet Blast and Optic Devastation will tear mooks asunder with brutal effciency. Cyclops is literally the bane of pathetic lackeys everywhere.

CC (4): Not much to comment on here. Cyclops can effectively slow mobs and he has the standard vulnerablity/weaken move. But that's pretty much it. That being said, his slows are very effective and which is very helpful against supervillains. His fighting build has a knockdown move, but if you spec into optics you won't spec into fighting except for his one-point wonder passives. In my experience, most supervillains are knockdown resistant anyway.

Party (8): Cyclops loves to party hardy, Marty! Seriously though, This is the other thing that Cyclops is awesome at, party buffs. His shakeoff move clears everyone's debuffs. He has party passives that give everyone extra dodge, extra spirit recovery on kill, a large reducton in spirit usage and extra XP on kill! Not only that, he has veteran command which not only gives a temp buff to damage rating and attack speed, it also...wait for it...recovers a KOed ally!

Scaling (4): Cyclops is flimsy, but if he hangs around with a party he's a worthwhile asset in the end game. That being said anything you can add to give him free revivals or addition offensive punch will significantly improves his contribution. However, a purple geared cyclops can contribute in X-Defense as long as he has the requiste tactics tree specs, knows how to stick and move and has some gear that auto-heals him. On his own, Cyclops is far less effective and should never attempt end game content without a good party or a great gear, and that's a point deduction.

Progression (4): Team Leader gives bonus xp on kills making leveling a breeze! Max it out, wear gear that gives extra ranks in it! Grab some buddies, they get the team leader effect too! Cyclops undoubtedly has the fastest TTL of any character in the game. Made even faster when he gets his level 50 synergy! +10% XP anyone!? A team of 5 Cyclops would probably level amazingly fast.

Ease (4): Playing Cyclops is about as easy as taking a selfie, point and click. There's a small snag in the 50s when he becomes noticably flimsy. Just grab a buddy and learn how to combat roll.

Gear (1): Every positive thing that can be said about Cyclops must be balanced against his big negative, lack of survivabilty. Nothing you do works when you're dead, including veteran command which makes Adv. Phoenix Feather or Darkhold Scroll pretty much mandatory. Life Leech cores, if you can afford one, are indispensible. But a %25 h/s medkit core will also work. Anything that adds health on hit, on kill or on pickup is very much recommended.

Intangibles: (4)(edit:5): I admit there's something cathartic about the way Cyclops mows down mooks and I have to give props to those that can garner joy from playing the punchclops build. He's also a very noob friendly character, since he's easy to build and easy to play. But he's not an end game powerhouse and if it weren't for his significant team buffs, people would level him to get his bonus xp synergy and then pretty much bench him permanently.

Trend: Cyclops is badly in need of a design review. But it seems to have been pushed back several months. In the meantime, if you're willing to the put the time and effort into kitting him out, he does play well. If you're into group play he's defintely worth a look. Otherwise you'll play him just to get the xp bonuses.

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" Shhh. My common sense is tingling."

Total Score: 86

Category Scores as of.. .(March 4th)
Design 15 Will keep you chuckling from start to finish
Def 15
DPS 10
CC 6
Party 4
Scale 4
Prog 4
Ease 3
Gear 2
Int +14
Trend Up at some point.

As of the 2.31 patch, DP has become dated but is still a well designed hero. He has always been strong and FUN! He is viable as either a "sniper" or a self-sustaining "bruiser," but most feel his melee version is better right now. Equally good soloing or in a party, with easy leveling and good scaling after 60. Definitely worth a look, you will have a great time with him.

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(2 reviews)

"But I'm willin' t'take the risk for you... you willin' t'do the same for me?"

Total Score 83

Review current as of 2.31

Category Scores as of.. .(Feb 28th)
Design 18
Def 12
DPS 12
AOE 10
CC 6
Party 3
Scale 4
Prog 3
Ease 2
Gear 2
Int +11
Trend Even

Design: Some good ideas and fun skills. Very Fluid with 2.33 change to Bo Vault. Currently my favourite "Mobility Damage" Hero. I particularly like his Hybrid Builds. With Gambit, it's important to keep in mind that you have to truly "fight". Move around, rotate your skills, keep up your buffs, watch your health and spirit etc. For me, this is how all Heroes should be (sadly only a few are). No one handed play and no calling in your farming, If you enjoy "working" for your goodies, you will love Gambit.

Def: Too squishy for sustained melee. Needs to move around. Bo Vault and Good Times Roll might be your best friend.

DPS: He's got potential for a really awesome damage. Probably best suited as a skirmisher - a hit and run specialist rotating between melee and ranged attacks. STDPS gets a small boost with 2.31.

AOE: Acceptable AOE options. I like House of Cards and Bo Vault Combo.

CC: Good CC particulary via Knockdowns and Stuns. Once again, I particularly like the AOE 3+ second knockdown of Bo Vault and the AOE slow of House of Cards. These two skills provide both great AOE damage and very usefull CC at the same time.

Party: Buffs to SIF, Credits, Damage and Critical rating. All desirable.

Scaling: In particular his signature does not scale well into end game. Needs a little more synergistic buffing for a better end game.

Prog : Pre 2.31 was very easy to 40 then suffered there after. Post 2.31 No issues straight to 60.

Ease: You will need to pay close attention to his health bar and position at all times. Smart Gear synergy and optimal builds are very important or he struggles.

Gear: Some of his uniques are all but required to play him effectively. The cure for what ails him around level 45 is Pym's Shrinking, and that thing does not grow on trees. He's still playable without those essentials, but very gear-dependant nonetheless.

Int:: They got his voice and his animations right, but some of his jokes fall a little flat. He will probably not attract a large fan base. I do like the new costume.
Trend: Even


"But I'm willin' t'take the risk for you... you willin' t'do the same for me?"

Total Score 81

Review current as of 2.32

Category Scores as of.. .(March 10th)
Design 19
Def 12
DPS 10
AOE 11
CC 7
Party 2
Scale 4
Prog 4
Ease 2
Gear 2
Int +8

Design (19/20): Several builds, a truely unique Signature, great animation, fantastic gameplay, well thought skills. My favorite hero with NC.

Defense (12/18): Threw Savage expert and a wise choice of items, he has an incredible regeneration. His defense is above average (8-9k) but as a dodge character who doesnt have the 25% damage negation, he is fragile. His dodge rating is too low to rely on it, so his best bet is to avoid direct contact and for that, he has incredible mobility combined with a lot of CC.

DPS (10/15): His single target DPS strongly rely on his combo "signature + Rajin Cajun". So it's more of a high burst than a strong DPS. Test on dummies is giving me an average of 25-28 seconds which is fairly poor. (Equally stuffed Wovie is 12sec, NC 18sec)

AOE (11/12): Very strong AoE and multiple choices.

CC (7/10): Stun, knockback, slow. He got them all and wisely positionned on his main AoE skills. Without them, he would be dead meat while fighting very large pack. No perma slow aura and no charm besides a proc on Inficio Aquilus's unique => -3

Party (2/8): Beside Rajin Cajun, he got nothing to offer. CC doesnt count !

Scaling (4/5): Nice curve, but it's common to all MH toons.

Progression (4/4): une balade ^_^

Ease (2/4): Not the easiest toon to play once in Cosmic. You have to always be in movement and his optimal DPS rotation is not easy to mantain.

Gear (2/4): You need a lot of stats to be efficient. HP, good cosmic roll to Min/Max skills, some uniques are mandatory for spirit management.

Intangibles (+8/15): I can't rate that ! It's way too much subjective. Really, I'm not fan of this category to rate a character cause it would require a hundred of reviews to mean something. So i'll give him an average grade of 8. My personnal thought is, he is the second coolest character in the game. Come on, he speaks french with a Texan accent, how cool is that ?

Trend: Either buff his single target abilities to make him a great glass canon or more dodge to reach Nightcrawler level.

Bonus : Words are great, action is better. I chose to illustrate my review with 2 videos. Both are Comsic Kurse. 2 reasons for that.

1st : I consider it as the hardest Cosmic. High density of deadly trashes and a boss that can hardly be facetanked.
2nd : It trully shows weaknesses and strengths of gambit.

Why two videos ? While recording, I died at Kurse. It shows how brutal you can play and how fast a bad move will cost you instant death. I was so pie to die than on my way back I just oblitarate the remaining trashes ^_^. The first one shows that if you don't wanna die, you won't.

Video 1 : Cosmic Kurse no fail

Video 2 : Cosmic Kurse epic fail

Follow the link below to check it out:

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Ghost Rider

"Let's Ride"

Total Score: 93

Category Scores as of (Mar 14th)
Design 19
Def 13
DPS 13
AOE 10
CC 8
Party 5
Scale 5
Prog 3
Ease 2
Gear 2
Int +13
Trend Even

Ghost Rider is Gaz's first new "premium" Hero and well worth it too! His skills are well thought out, feel unique and have glorious "hellfire" visuals. You will want to keep playing him way past your sleepy time just to see yet one more mob burn and explode. Rev up your cycle to leave a blazing trail and a slew of melting mobs in your wake. Fling molten chains that are a firestorm of death dealing and bathe in your own hellfire to shrug off all but the heaviest of hitters. This Demon is well rounded, versatile and a great pick up for an exhilarating ride from 1 to 60

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Hulk Smash

Review by @‌Dunkelheit Mar 7th

Total Score: 81 [Edit 80]

The incredible Hulk Aaah, the incredible Hulk... if you decide to dig into his comics, start with the "Planet Hulk" stories and you will like him. He is the definition of raw power, a force in the universe that could theoretically beat everything and everyone. How can you put such power into a video game as a playable character, maintain balance and still have a fun and iconic character at hand?

Design 15 of 20: To spoiler the question above: Gazillion did an awesome job. The Hulk feels powerful and like the green Hulk he really is, because the designers had a brilliant idea. When the Hulk jumps in and trash dies, he sends them off flying across the screen. This is so satisfying and portrays the Hulk as a super strong character, even though he only defeats normal entities. It always puts a smile on my face, because even though he feels like raw power, he is even balanced with characters like Daredevil, but the feeling you get from both heroes is totally different. A stroke of genius. But there are sadly some other design choices which are a bit questionable. The first being that some of his better attacks are all jump attacks. So you start the fight with jumping in (which feels great), then you jump again to pull all enemies towards you, then you headbutt them, then you jump again and again... so Hulk plays more like a bouncy ball than like a champion. Speaking of headbutt... they should exchange the power of headbutt with the power of gamma strikes. Having a headbutt as a spirit spender ist questionable from an immersion point of view. If I would do the Hulk, I would give many of his abilities long cooldowns. Because when you are "forced" to use all of his powers, he feels a lot more like the Hulk we know from the comics. Imagine a Hulk jumping in, hitting two times, using thunderous handclap, and ground smashing after the knockback effect... Don't make no mistake though... Hulk is a very, very good hero that is fun to play.

Defense 14 of 18: When you play the Hulk to 60, he seems invulnerable. His passives and "get angry" heal a lot, quite more than the bosses can dish out damage. But when you reach the endgame, you might see that he dies a bit faster than you were used to. Your regen cannot keep up with the damage you take. I would like to keep this point open for discussion though, because my Hulk is 60, but not endgame equipped. You can always equip artifacts and cores that grant you invulnerability, but this path is open for all heroes and so it is not Hulk related.

DPS 12 of 15: I feel that the Hulk is powerful, but there are certainly other characters which surpass them.

AOE 9 of 12: For a melee he deserves 12 points, but putting him in a global scope, his AOEs lack a bit range when compared with other characters like Storm and Jean Grey. His AOE is way enough to clear tons of minions though, don't get this wrong.

CC 6 of 10 [Edit 4]: Nothing special, but he has a move that pulls enemies together, which is very nice for other AOE characters.

Party 5 of 8 [Edit 4] 5 points for the pulling ability, but nothing special in this department. He could be a lot better if taunt was not flat out broken in this game.

Scaling 3 of 5: He scales well, but there is no point in this game when he feels overpowered while doing a cosmic. He is a very, very solid choice though.

Progression 3 of 4: You won't have any trouble reaching lvl 60 with this powerhouse. When others around you start to run and die in the AOE of supervillains, you stand and laugh in their face. The only thing I disliked a bit was his limited mobility. If you use Avalanche Leap as a moving power, you have a little delay between jumps.... well, walking is not really an option if you played Marvel Heroes for a bit and his charge ability does not feel iconic and is not fun.

Ease 3 of 4: Very easy to play, which costs him some point in the design department. Basically he jumps in, does his damage and jumps out when getting low. This might sound a bit boring, but actually you will have fun doing it, because you send enemies flying left and right while yelling "Hulk SMASH" in front of your monitor.

Gear 3 of 4 [Edit 2]: The Hulk needs a considerable amount of HP to make best use of his percentage based heal. Once you hit the 20k HP mark, you will feel quite powerful and nigh unkillable.

Intangibles +8 [Edit 10]: The Hulk feels like a Hulk and if you are a fan of him in the comics, you will love him in the game. The great choice of costumes helps with that... yes, Mr. Fixit and Planet Hulk costume, they are all at your disposal

Trend: If the Hulk stay right where he is, he is a solid pick and choice. I doubt that the 52 review will change much.

If I had one wish for this character... please change the numbers of Headbutt and Gamma Strike. This is no definitive review... I would be glad of some main Hulk players would help me on this one and to correct some numbers. My Hulk is 60, but has not seen much endgame.

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Human Torch

"Flame on"

Review by @MaxPortis Feb 25th

Overall Score: 91 (with Editor insert of 13/15 for Intangibles)

Design (19/20): Human Torch has just received his surprise Lvl52 Review, which has added just a bit of polish to an already very well received and diverse skill set. HT has always been considered one of the most "fun" characters to play. This is reflected in lots of great skills to choose from, many end game gearing options and a fast-paced, explosive game play. The one previous design mishap that had really annoyed me was the cast delay of his Scorching Pyre skill - and they fixed it! There may be a few outstanding bugs / issues with his skill set in the wake of his fresh review. In particular his Fuel for the Flame passive does not scale well to end game damage levels but overall his design is in a very good place.

Defense (15/18):[Edit 13] HT a speed tank. If he stops moving, he can't sustain incoming damage for long - but if he makes use of his agility, especially while gaining life from a Lemuria Relic / Life Leech core through his many DoT powers, his TTL is in a very good place.

DPS (12/15): [Edit 11] Single target is not the main strength of Human Torch, but he can churn out respectable damage with his DoTs and single target skills. His strength is that he's able to maintain good DPS while being forced to move (contrary to many other heroes who deal most of their damage while not moving).

AOE (11/12): While his AoE doesn't have the impact range of Jean Grey, he makes up for it with his speed. HT is capable of DoTing down several screens worth of monsters simultaneously by being everywhere at once and this is a huge part of the fun factor of this hero.

[Edit CC 4/10]

Party (4/8) [Edit 2]: HT doesn't bring as much to a party as other heroes but he can synergize very well with anyone getting boosts from burning enemies (or anyone weilding a Blinding Brazier).

Scaling (5/5): HT scales very well after reaching the end game.

Progression (4/4): I have not progressed the hero after the lvl52 review, but the initial progress was very smooth and easy.

Ease (4/4): Human Torch is generally very easy to play but he scales up very well with skillful play.

Gear (3/4): HT does well out of the box.

Intangibles (13/15): Intangibles are intangible. (Editor's Score added).

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Jean Grey

"I choose to believe. That's what makes me Phoenix!"

Review by @‌Dunkelheit March 6th

Total Score: 94 [Edit 90]

Jean Grey is an awesome and well known hero at the Marvel Universe. She is the main actress of the Phoenix storyline, in my humble opinion one of the best ever made. But how does she translate into this game?

Design 16 of 20 [Edit 13] Jean Grey was my very first champion to level 60, so we were together for a very long time. I love her design. This starts as her awesome one-liners ("I could have re-arranged your face.... literally") and does by far not end in her awesome looking Phoenix form. When I started playing and I saw Jean for the first time as Phoenix, I fell in love with her and wanted to buy that costume From a minmaxers point of view... she is great and strong. If only build the least bit defensively, she can take damage like very few other champs due to her buildin life-on-hit. Still, while looking at other well made champions like Nightcrawler or the review of Daredevil, I have to subtract some points for build diversity. You have to rely on Phoenix form, other builds are not very viable or are at least at a disadvantage. Another point that keeps her from getting maximum points is that she plays a bit boring. Due to her very strong lifeleech she can just tank and spank in nearly every fight. This is powerful, but also boring. [Edit 13 due to being dated and Jean version not truly viable]

Defense 16 of 18: The more enemies, the safer she is. I have described her ability to take punishment in the Design already. But Jean has one weakness which costs her a point: she has problems sustaining her Phoenix Force in long fights against single targets. When you find her egg-unique, she can die up to 3 times before you really need to release.

DPS 10 of 15: Really a weakness of hers. I should read up all the other reviews and see how she is dealing, but I dont have the time so take this with a grain of salt. As long as she is able to tank and spank and stay close to her target with damage aura on, she is doing good. But once you have trouble keeping up the Phoenix force, you are in trouble, too.

AOE 12 of 12: She can clear a whole screen of enemies so fast, it is not funny. Maybe a Storm with great gear can make it faster, but I don't feel like this should cost her a point.

CC 9 of 10: With her ability to unleash a screenwide slow, stun with her basic, and pull mobs together and push them away, she has a lot of CC at her disposal. Not as much as a scarlet which, but a lot more than other champs.

Party 6 of 8 [Edit 5]: This may come as a surprise, but I give her 6 points here. I love her in my party. She swoops in, keeps all the mobs at bay, slows the whole screen, is nearly unkillable and can pull mobs in one spot to make the vulnerable for AOE. Additionally she great Auras which can be useful in virtually every situation.

Scaling 3 of 5: I feel that her lack of single target DPS drags her down a bit. But I am no veteran Jean Grey player, so I would love to hear comments about her scaling from pro players.

Progression 4 of 4: You will have a hard time to find an easier champion. She literally kills the whole screen of enemies with just having aura on and using one of her abilities. Trash mobs die just with her flying by.

Ease 4 of 4: Well, it is about tank and spank, you don't need to evade enemies attacks. She can even take a Rhino or Jugg charge. It does not get much easier than that.

Gear 4 of 4: very useful, even without gear

Intangibles +10: Despite her glaring issues, Jean is very nice to play. Once you see her in all her stunning beauty as a Phoenix, lift off and see her fly away with supersonic speed, you cannot do else than stand in awe with your mouth open. She is the dark queen of Marvel Heroes. And if you buy her or get her, you will fall in love with her.

Trend: my guess is that she will go up after her review. She will get the possibility of playing Phoenix-less and her single target DPS will rise. Perhaps her TTL will take a dive, but this can only make her more fun to play, since it keeps the boredom away.

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