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Hey everyone, so as you know we've been offline for about two hours right now.

What initially seemed like a "Weird, let's restart" problem is now something more perplexing. All of the available engineers are looking at this. It's doubly weird because as you may know, we have this build in Test Center right now, where it seems to be working just fine. (In fact, you can go ahead and login there if you wish.)

Unfortunately as we're still in the 'investigation' stage, we can't tell you with any certainty when the servers may be back online. At minimum, it will be several hours from now (8:11PM PDT). There may have to be an additional server work done, possibly a server build may need to be pushed out. It's hard to say.

When I'm given more information I'll pass it along. For now, please sit tight, download the patch, and take a look at the patch notes. Thank you.

UPDATE, midnight PDT: No news is not good news, unfortunately. We're looking into several options here, but one of them will be 'rolling back' to the previous patch and previous game state. We're hoping that doesn't have to happen, but it may be necessary to get live while we take the time to figure out the overall issue. However, we may still get lucky, and other solutions may work out. I'll keep you posted.

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Are you guys running VMware? Did you invest in new hardware for this patch? Storage issues?? Good Luck :)

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Cool beans xD

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Is there somewhere where I can get more details on what is happening? Like, people got in game and they did something and their screen went black? I have nothing better to do so I might try and ping servers and traceroute some things. Maybe I can find something =)

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well Trash Panda! , so much for playing tonight. i really wanted to burn some baddies.

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Oh fiddlesticks.. was hoping to finally return.. oh well a little longer it seems

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Bummer, was hoping to play with the new patch tonight.

Thanks for the update though! At least now I don't have to recheck every 20 minutes!

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Well at least I will get a good nights sleep. Hope to be able to play tomorrow. Good luck!

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So good night to all I-)

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Thanks for the update, anxiously awaiting to get Human Torch on the live server!!!!!!!!!

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Tried to patch the Test Center client to this build and it says "Source file was corrupted" on package 3.

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