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Today’s patch is massive and far-reaching. We’ve been working overtime to upgrade almost every component of Marvel Heroes. With this patch we’ve also added our first new hero – the Human Torch – and made a massive change to the way you acquire heroes with the new alternate currency system, Eternity Splinters.

In addition to polish, buffs and overall improvements, we’ve introduced a few features that didn’t make it on launch day. With so many additions to the game, there will be inevitable glitches, unintended changes and even a few changes that didn’t make it into the patch notes below. We’ll be monitoring everything very closely as the patch goes live and standing by to fix anything that is out of place.

New Hero: Human Torch

Human Torch has arrived in Marvel Heroes! Please see this news story for full details on how to get Human Torch and other details. Human Torch is available as an in-game purchase or in exchange for Eternity Splinters. If you want to talk about Human Torch drop by the Human Torch Forum to swap tips and tricks with other players and learn the best way to play!

New free hero system: Eternity Splinters

Eternity Splinters are a new system introduced with this patch for Marvel Heroes. Eternity Splinters replace hero token drops and offer players a chance to earn every hero in any order they wish, simply by playing the game. Adam Warlock sells all heroes for Eternity Splinters along with a few other items. He can be found beside Gambit in all three of the social hubs.

Eternity Splinters drop from all enemies throughout the game. Their drop rate is influenced by your Special Item Find bonus.

The rate of drop is tuned to make Marvel Heroes slightly faster than other free-to-play games in terms of getting free heroes, as we continue to work towards the goal of being the most player-focused game possible. We will continue to evaluate and iterate until we are 100% satisfied that we are meeting that goal.

We intend to add many things to the Eternity Splinter vendor and anticipate future polls and player discussion about items they would like to see.

For those players who still have old Cosmic Keys, they have been converted in your inventory and S.T.A.S.H. on a 1-1 basis for Eternity Splinters. Not many players purchased Cosmic Keys (almost all of them are from drops), but if you purchased a Cosmic Key from the in-game store up to 7 days previous to their removal from the game on July 2nd, and that key has not been used, we will refund the Gs you used to purchase it.

Adam Warlock sells a random hero box that could contain any hero. You can theoretically get a hero you already own from this box, in which case it can be used to upgrade your Ultimate Power.

New Zone Added: Midtown Patrol

A revamped Limbo mode has been added. Enter Manhattan to face off against waves of tough bosses in a city teeming with life!


  • Patrol Manhattan to fight crime, save civilians and keep the city safe.

  • Available for all levels of players.

  • New super villain groups attack the city periodically and must be shut down.

  • No time limit, no ’threat‘ meter. Everything is challenging, but manageable with the right gear and tactics.

New items in the in-game store

We’ve added several new items to the in-game store. Press ‘X’ while in game to browse and purchase any of these items.


Human Torch


Human Torch: Blue Costume

Human Torch: Red Costume

Iron Man: Shotgun Armor

Wolverine: Ronin costume


Holographic Crafter: Use this to summon a holographic crafter, who will persist for 15 minutes. The holographic crafter has a one-hour cooldown but can be used permanently.

Matrix of Unbinding: Use this in a crafting recipe to unbind an artifact, weapon or armor item that is bound to you.

Ultron Silver: Avengers Assemble in awe of this new pet.

Also available:

3 additional general S.T.A.S.H tabs – access these via your S.T.A.S.H.

3 additional crafting S.T.A.S.H tabs – access these via your S.T.A.S.H.

Performance Upgrades

Many areas of the game have performance improvements. Some are extremely significant and will greatly upgrade your play experience. A team is continuing to work on this.

Advanced graphics options were added to the video options page. The graphics slider will auto change the new options. Changing an advanced option will set the graphics slider to ’Custom‘ level.

Gameplay Changes

Rested Experience: The concept of “rested experience” has been removed from the game and replaced with a permanent increase in experience and Special Item Find (server side). You can now play whichever hero you wish, whenever you wish and not worry about mix/maxing rested experience. Overall experience will be higher for all players by a noticeable margin.

Movement powers: You can now use movement powers in hubs to get around quicker.

Damage over time powers: These powers can now critical hit and scale properly when in groups.

Damage in groups improved: Enemy health now increases (AKA player damage decreases) at a lower rate when more players are nearby. Grouping will be even more rewarding now.

User Interface

Chat: New options exist on the chat window to control chat filters. Additional chat functionality has been added along with “social”, “lfg” and “endgame” channels with UI to control them. More chat upgrades will appear in the future.

Damage numbers: Floating combat text numbers have been added as an option. Expect a few iterations as we iterate on these to ensure they look good and work right. Green is healing, red is damage and yellow are critical hits. Turn them on by pressing Esc for options and go to the Gameplay options section.

Supergroups: Additional functionality has been added to the Supergroup interface (some sorting technology, display of officer and supergroup name appearing on tab). Additional functionality will be added in future patches to continually improve supergroup support.

Keybinding can now be reverted to default settings.

You can now map mouse buttons 3-6 to various game functions.

The daily terminals will now tell you if you can earn a cosmic shard by completing them. Mouse over the interface to see if a cosmic shard is available.

Zoom levels in hubs is more flexible so you can see your hero in more detail.

Bodysliders: The Bodyslider button next to the Minimap now "fills up" to indicate how much time is left on cooldown. The Bodyslider icon will also change after you use it to return to town indicating that using it again returns you back to the field.

Social Panel: Added player sorting to the Social Panel tabs.

Added confirmation when donating artifacts.

When closing the options menu or switching tabs you will be asked if you want to save pending changes.

Story Warp: Now includes level ranges for each chapter.

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