Daily Gift Box?

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Its odd, but i haven't seen a single mention of it on here.

So someone should say thank you.

My 1st one had a lvl 25 Uru in it as well.

So thanks Gaz! Keep them gifts a coming!

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God I hate RNG.

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havent been on today but i will say thanx early , also thanx for making such a great game

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Yeah sounds similar to mine.

But its free and great!

Debuffed for over 7 Billion years in game...

God I hate RNG.

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I got the same Uru armor. I happily put it on my lvl 30 Colossus

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If only there were a splashscreen when you started the game explaining that we will get three, one uru item and two runes...

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I got a nice plate uru. my dd needs as much defence as possible so í put it on him. thank you gaz

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300 def for lvl 25 has always been that , have 3 lvl 25 300 def and 4 lvl 50 600 def been like that since they put them out , dont know where you are getting 400 from

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@squishier said:
Ya, mine had a 25 armor uru, has 300 def instead of 400 though. Not sure if that is intended.

Def is 300/600 (25/50), so it makes sense.

The only difference is the "Gifted" (and thus not tradeable.)

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After the update defense uru were buffed to 400 at level 25 and 800 at level 50. That being said I own a 400 def I can trade and a 300 def I cannot trade.

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Thank you Gazillion.

It was free so I won't complain. I do however prefer my level 50 Urus. I'm not sure that I'm going to bother with level 25s unless I'm desperate or I'm drowning in materials/credits.

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It look like we all received the same present. Thats nice and fair!

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My box was empty :-S

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Who did bring up this one year old thread? lol

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Well since this thread has been brought back from the dead.. I asked my SG about the box, cause I thought I got nothing as well. I guess there is currency stuff in there. At least that's what I was told.

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Nothing in mine it seemed, no indication of any currency stuff either.

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Mine was empty also

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Mine was 5 Odin Marks.

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5 Odin Marks

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