Marvel Heroes 2.2 Patch Notes

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Runewords have arrived in Marvel Heroes! Find Uru-Forged items and use Runes to enhance them with Runewords at the Enchanter, which can be found in all Hubs!

Runes can be dropped by any enemy in your level range and your chances of finding them can be increased with Special Item Find! Runewords can give a variety of defensive and offensive bonuses in addition to unique effects, including the chance to grow to the size of a Storm Giant or give bonuses to your Ultimate Ability (allowing it to go beyond rank 20!)
For more information, please check out the FAQ.

Hero Changes


As a temporary fix to Gambit’s ‘Red Suits’ not healing the intended amount, the “heal on hit” aspect of the power will now proc without having to apply the debuff.

Iron Man

Fixed a tuning flag on Repulsor Ray that was causing it to do too little damage.

The One-Off will now be able to proc effects as intended.


Arcane Illusions are now able to Projection and Meteorically commanded.

X-Defense Changes

Common and uncommon items are now dropping in X-Defense again. This change had unintended side effects which caused certain types of loot to drop much too frequently. We’re going to be reviewing our loot drop metrics for X-Defense over the weekend to ensure it’s in a good place.

Split waves (including the Malekith/Kurse wave) will start appearing after Wave 15 (currently they start to appear after Wave 10.)

The Doctor Doombot wave loot has been increased to compensate for the split waves with their rewards being pushed back five waves. The Doombots will no longer use their Ball Lightning power, but Homing Missiles will fire more frequently. This should fix any issues related to players crashing when this wave appears and this power will be returning as soon as it has been fixed.

Madame HYDRA's Bodyguards will now be labeled as such and have the yellow elite glow to further distinguish them; their Health remains as normal. This is being done to call additional attention to them for players as when Madame HYDRA's shield goes up, it will stay up until her bodyguards have been defeated.

Brood Hybrid bosses will now drop boss loot tables and their health has been slightly increased.

Reduced wave cooldown that prevents a particular wave from following itself; this was inadvertently causing some waves to occur even more frequently due to differences in how fast different waves are typically completed.

Reduced the maximum number of student-targeting mobs up at any time from 3 to 2 per student group.

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