Bovinheim Changes for Next Patch:

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Bovineheim Changes for Next Patch: (Thursday or Friday)

Zonewide Item Rarity and Special Item Find buffed to be just above Cosmic Terminals.

Commander Brevik will spawn with a ranged and melee bodyguard. It's just safer that way.

Brevik's loot buffed by 1000%. He is the big boss.

More blue elites and yellow elites will spawn in Bovineheim, which are tougher but have better loot.

Chests in Bovineheim will be double quality chests.

Doop will now spawn in Bovinehim. It's like a vacation paradise to him.

No cost change, just value buffing.

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like this. like this alot. all the likes for Gaz.

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Well atleast the loot got buffed.

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Reduce the cost to double what it costs to do the first cow level. It's 60 some odd shards and this one should be 120ish. This level is not worth 3x the cost of the other one. You'll satisfy more people reducing it to this rate.

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I want to give this a try but 200 es is a lot especially if all I come out with is a bunch of purples and artis. Think i'll hold out till a recipe drops or they make portals as FC loot.


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Why don't the powers that be grant every person with an account a one time use for this new zone on Live when this change goes live.

This would be a great benefit to the community as it would give all of you great devs more feedback.

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