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So I see Nightcrawler is extremely squishy... okay i can live with that, but does he have any power to gain spirit back? Maybe something like Cyclops has? If he's extremely squishy and is all about spirit powers w/o any good spirit regen powers that might be a deal breaker for me.

If he has no way to gain spirit or health back I see a lot of "downtime" with him :/. Also are his attacks physical or energy or mental?


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His starting basic attack is like the reworked Spider-Man one, each hit gets him some energy back. Though that is it last build, he might be gear dependent and I didn't look at his uniques last build. His stealth is maintainable though it does need energy to do so (3 second cooldown 5 second up-time if I remember correctly).

Last build it looked like his powers are all physical, even his brimstone smoke move.

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