Server Update - Keeping The Data Secure

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Hi all,

Here's an update:

This morning for the 6AM build we deployed a bunch of performance-upgrading hardware/software.

We expected and announced longer downtime than usual, of course, but we have several more rounds of testing and building that need to be done in order to be 1000% sure that this will be stable for players, which is causing a much, much longer downtime than expected.

For this reason, we are going to start another full test and build, which will extend

We know this sucks and is extremely frustrating and inconvenient.

The only thing we can do at this time is work as efficiently as possible to get this stuff tested and deployed. We do not want to risk player data loss, so we feel it's prudent to do this, despite the worst timing possible.

I anticipate that service won't be 100% available until 9pm Pacific Time. Possibly earlier, but 9pm to be safe.

To make up for the lost time, we'll be live tuning rarity, special item find and experience to 200% until Tuesday, so people can catch up and very likely exceed what they would have achieved. I realize this doesn't make up for everything, but it's something we can do.

Please post any feedback in this thread. I realize there will be a lot of negative feedback and I'm preparing to man up and take it, so all I ask is that you keep it to this thread. This can include, "Learn to program", "GG Gaz", "Epic Fail", etc. The more creative the better.

The silver lining of this is that once everything is fully tested, retested and deployed, there will be plenty of room for expansion and several noticeable performance improvements for players on low and mid-level systems.

Thanks very much. We love you guys and will keep working hard to bring you the best game possible.

I will now tease our upcoming costumes for the BP and BW reworks:

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I'm extremely happy with my Thunderbolts costume- but that one is very awesome.

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well f... Only night I could play was tonight.

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Love BW's swords!

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I'm confused, why two swords!

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Better to be safe than sorry....ill wait patiently.

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