Marvel Heroes 2.14 Patch Notes

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Level 52 Review: Hawkeye and Captain America

Two members of Marvel Heroes received their Level 52 Reviews this month: Hawkeye and Cap himself! With their reviews come new powers and many other enhancements. More details are in the hero section below.

New Feature: Inspect

You can now inspect other player’s gear that they’re wearing! Hold Ctrl and click another player (or right click them on the Social menu in Nearby to make it even easier) to inspect their gear. (Testing Notes: Medallion details currently do not display in Inspect but will be showing once we go live)

New Feature: Power Hot Bars Switching

Players can now alternate between multiple hot bars (slotting powers on up to 3 bars). To switch between bars, you can either click the “up” or “down” arrows to the right of your hot bar, or use the hot keys to page through them (default key binding is ‘[‘ and ‘]’.) Eventually players will be able to rebind powers from any of these 3 bars.

New Content: New Cosmic Terminals

We’ve introduced a new, more difficult form of terminals: Cosmic Terminals!

These terminals are unique in that they do not grant cube shards, are not tiered by level (they are intended for level 60 players), and have a very special “Bounty Hunter” mission tied to them. However, they have an increased chance to drop cosmic gear and cosmic medallions are more common from bosses (in general, item rarity is improved!)

In order to complete a “Bounty Hunter” mission, a player must defeat a certain number of enemies (set per terminal) in order to receive a special reward. A Cosmic Chest will spawn once this mission is completed that is completely separate from boss loot.

These are the hardest terminals in the game, by far, and should not be attempted unless you have extremely strong gear and the ability to react to tough situations.

Australia Day

In order to celebrate Australia Day, we’ve added a much-buffed Pyro to the Stryker's Bunker terminals. He is tougher than normal, but can drop way better loot! He will be removed in next week’s patch, so get out there!

We have a few other Australia Day features that we'll be announcing soon.

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