failed to create the D3D9

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get a message saying Failed to create the D3D9 device! this can happen if the desktop is locked. any help please?

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@Rintin 2 things you can try:

  1. Reinstalling the DirectX drivers for your computer. You can download them from Microsoft's website by following the link HERE.

  2. Completely uninstall your graphics drivers and reinstall them to the latest WHQL version. nVidia is using 320.49 as their latest drivers. Since I dont use AMD/ATi, I dont know their current version.

I would do option 1 first tho as the D3D9 error usually resides around DirectX which is Microsoft's software.

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@Rintin said:
get a message saying Failed to create the D3D9 device! this can happen if the desktop is locked. any help please?

With that given error, did you also get this "EKC3220.DLL" is missing?


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Check that your video drivers are updated, and you've got the latest DX9 drivers installed (they're separate from DX10 or DX11.)

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The reason I state that a .dll file was missing is because I installed a newer version of "Virtu MVP". It somehow corrupted or deleted my EKC3220.DLL and DirectX files, thus remaining without been able to use the Test Centre.


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I tried everything, I have the DX9 installed and I have all the requirements that is listed there but I still cant fix the error!
Can anybody suggest a solution?

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i have a simlar problem. i have a windows xp and it said my drivers were out of date, so i updated it. But when i opened the game again, it still said that they where out of date. Also, the game's landscape was black, and the symbols on the screen start to "copy" when i move them.
WTH is goin on!!!!!!????????

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im lost can someone explain how to fix this plz it wont let me log on plz someone tell me what to do

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This error commonly occurs with only the following ATI graphics cards:

Radeon X300

Radeon X700

Radeon X800

Radeon 9 series

Before trying to update your drivers, try updating your windows first. This normally helps in conjunction with driver updates. Important is that your NET framework is very up to date.

If you get a Failed to create D3D device error and are using any of the above ATI Cards, update your drivers to the latest version of Catalyst by visiting the ATI driver page.

If you are using Steam:

If you use a Nvidia or any other type of video card, visit the manufacturer's website for the latest video card drivers.

If the crash persists, set the following launch option:

Go to Steam's Library.
Right-click on the affected game.
Go to Properties > General > Set launch options...
Type in -dxlevel 81.
Click OK.

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