Marvel Heroes 2.1 Patch Notes

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Patch Summary

Patch 2.1 has a lot of good stuff for everyone, with the main focus being a comprehensive review and upgrade of each game system and hero to bring everyone to the level of the newer reworked heroes when it comes to power without having to wait for their level 52 reviews.

The goal is extremely simple: Every hero should be fun now and in the future.

Along the way, we’ve identified many systems to improve, a few systems to add and a couple of systems to cut completely to make the game easier to understand, more rewarding and easier to balance for years to come.

All of this work is being done with help from the public via the Tuning Corner forum and with a group of the most active and thoughtful players nominated by all of us who play the game.

New Asgard Content: Siege!

The Marvel Heroes story continues! Malekith and his army have besieged Asgard, resulting in a huge public combat zone allowing dozens of players to team up and battle Malekith, himself. Once heroes have defeated Malekith himself, players must battle Loki in Odin's Throne Room for the fate of Asgard!

Ghost Rider Overview

The patch also contains Ghost Rider, a hero that not only looks good, but has a wide array of powers and concepts. Previous to Ghost Rider, Emma Frost and Squirrel Girl had the most complicated engineering concepts. Now Ghost Rider is the new bar, with a completely new driving animation system, the ability to heat his chains with molten metal and a higher number of animation and VFX details for each of his powers. Various teams went all out on Ghost Rider, as you will notice.

Ghost Rider’s team affiliations are: S.H.I.E.L.D., Fantastic Four and Thunderbolts (he is joining the team next month in the Marvel universe).

(Test Center Note: Several animations are still not quite complete and many sound effects are still placeholder in the Sunday’s test center build, including all of the Ride power technology which is just a placeholder until tomorrow).

Some Holiday Cheer

To celebrate the holidays, the team has put together a few “presents” for players:

Free Holiday Hulk! All players will receive the Santa Hulk costume as a celebration for the first 6 months anniversary month of Marvel Heroes. This will be granted on December 24th.

Daily holiday gifts! Every day of the holidays, players receive a special Holiday gift that will contain either Eternity Splinters, Cube Shards or Odin Marks. They will be delivered automatically the first time you log in each day, beginning on December 20th.

Collector’s Bounty! Free for all heroes and described in greater detail further in the patch notes.

Hero Synergy Bonus XP

We've added a new system which will give percent-based XP bonuses for each hero you level up!

1 Level 60 Hero = +30% xp bonus.

2 Level 60 Heroes = +20% xp bonus (50% total).

3 Level 60 Heroes = +15% xp bonus (65% total).

4 Level 60 Heroes = +10% xp bonus (75% total).

5+ Level 60 Heroes = +5% xp bonus for each hero (in addition to the 75% bonus from the first 4 heroes you have at level 60).

Additionally, each level 30 hero grants a 1% XP bonus and each level 50 hero grants a 2.5% XP bonus. The maximum bonus that can be achieved with this system is 200%.

Powers Tuning System

Hero powers now have a vastly upgraded back-end tuning and balancing system thanks to a large software engineering system upgrade.

All powers now have consistently applied modifiers based on their area, range, speed, animation time, extra effects on hit, conditional requirements, cooldowns, spirit cost and many other factors. All modifiers are applied consistently across the entire game within the tuning system, which accounts for much more consistent damage across heroes.

Example: If we find that “charge-up” powers are slightly too weak and never used, one quick change can change their scaling across all heroes who have them, ensuring no hero is ever undertuned.

Because of these improvements, it’s much easier to buff heroes who are not enjoying the TTK (time to kill) and TTL (time to live) performance of other heroes by adjusting the numbers of their TTK and TTL enhancers in their kit. We never need to touch a power directly, simply buff the various passive powers, temporary steroid powers, pets, damage-over-time powers and other damage enhancers that a hero has to bring their TTK in line with other heroes. Very, very much improved system that will lead to quicker iteration when a hero is underperforming.

Because of this system, heroes should be within 20% of each other under various scenarios, which is a vast difference than the current live performance, where some heroes are literally twice as fast as other heroes. Every hero still works differently and has strengths and weaknesses, but on average a hero should be able to completely clear out a red terminal, including all trash and the boss with 20% of the time of another hero, assuming the same gear.

Respecs and Retcons

With most powers having increased damage and hundreds of small quality of life changes, bug fixes and new powers, heroes will have completely new build options available to them. It will take awhile for players to figure out which builds are now the most fun for them.

To help players with this process all heroes will receive a free respec when patch 2.1 launches.

In addition, because of the large increase in the number of viable hero builds after this patch, we’ll be providing an additional two free respec potion codes that players may redeem (in addition to the respec for every hero) and reducing the price of Retcon potions in the store throughout the December holiday period and into the new year.

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