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All "Unique" Items Found + Info, Patch 2.43 -Invisible Woman Uniques here! (Updated 3.5.14)

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Post better Uniques & don't forget to post their slot

Here's a compilation of all the "Unique" items, Feel free to post more "Uniques" (for that I need the highest levels of "Uniques" or the best stat ones) and i will be adding them to this thread:

Added 3.5.14 - Patch 2.43

  • Added All hero Unique - God of Thunder's Vifourous Belt
  • Added All hero Unique - Hydra Belt-Mounted Sonar Targeting System
  • Added All hero Unique - S.H.I.E.L.D. Systems Reconnaissance Belt
  • Added All hero Unique - The Legacy Of Kraven
  • Added All hero Unique - S.H.I.E.L.D. Systems Reconnaissance Belt
  • Added All hero Unique - Magnetic Field Generator
  • Added All hero Unique -Wonderman's Jet Belt
  • Added Invisible Woman - Dynamic Unstable Molecules Gloves
  • Added Invisible Woman - Future foundation Bodysuit
  • Added Invisible Woman - Malice's Cape
  • Added Invisible Woman -Earth-1610 Boots
  • Added Invisible Woman - Jhonney Storm's Flames
  • Added Spiderman - Parker Industries Advacned Web Shooters
  • Added Black Widow - Twin Glock 26 pistols
  • Added Black Widow - Korushun Adcanced Combat Knife
  • Added Black Widow - Experimental Synthetic Explosive Pack
  • Added Black Widow - Natahsa's S.H.I.EL.D "Widow's" Bite" Gauntlets

Added 11.4.14 - Patch 2.4

  • Added All hero Unique - Amulet of the right
  • Added Taskmaster - Finesse's Baton
  • Added Taskmaster - Agency X body Armor
  • Added Taskmaster - Frightful Four Hood
  • Added Taskmaster - Videotape Collection
  • Added Taskmaster - Solid Energy Shield

Added 28.3.14 - Patch 2.34

  • Updated all Black Panther Uniques - Ty @Leloric‌
  • Added Black Panther -Wakandan Ceremonial Necklace
  • Added All hero Unique - Hellfire Shotgun
  • Added All hero Unique - Red Muramassa Blade
  • Added All hero Unique - Nega-Bands
  • Added All hero Unique - Universal Weopon
  • Added Dr Strange - Book Of Vishanti
  • Added Dr Strange - Blue Mage's Bodysuit
  • Added Dr Strange - Defenders Black Coat
  • Added Dr Strange - Disicple of Durammau Sash
  • Added Dr Strange - Eye of Agamotto

Added 21.3.14 - Patch 2.34

  • Added All hero Unique - Gaurdians Battle-Suit
  • Added All hero Unique - Nate's Grey Psionic Armor
  • Added All hero Unique - Streamswrod
  • Added All hero Unique - Destroyer Energy Rifle
  • Added All hero Unique - Soulsword


  • Patch 2.15 brought a new Dedicated "Unique" drop from: Kingpin terminal 4 - red
  • Patch 2.0 brought a new level up "Unique" recipe costing:

    • Upgrade to level 40 unique costs - 50k credits
    • Upgrade to level 50 unique costs - 100k credits
    • Upgrade to level 60 unique costs - 600k credits
  • Patch 1.4 Brought a new Reroll "Unique" recipe that costs - 450k and 2 "Unstable Molecules". (10x to @coldbayne )

  • Uniques have same pointer like the eternity splinter pointer when dropped.
  • Uniques will never decay on floor after droping.
  • Best chance for finding "Uniques" - Red terminals & Superheroic mode & cow level.
  • Rarity boost directly affects chance to find uniques .
  • All buffs for "Uniques" will be retroactive - you dont need to hunt for the new uniques .. (10x to @Ysern )
  • Doomsaw confirmed - that each Unique has a 80-90% to be tailor made for you when it drops (10x to @Ysern )
  • The Lowest level "Unique" found - "level 12"
  • 156 "Uniques" were found at live server.
    Special thanks to @MARTIINKO for making the menu!!
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Better rolls and lvl 60 :

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Please sticky threads like this @Doomsaw

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this is very useful. TQ.

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@Doomsaw said:
Love the new thread Golan, very organized. To celebrate, here's an update on uniques:

Unique Update for Patch 2.1 (Ghost Rider patch, due just before Christmas)

  • The design pass will be complete for a minimum of at least 1 unique per slot in every hero (putting each hero from between 5 and 9 uniques).

  • A few more shared uniques are almost ready to go.

  • The drop rate of shared uniques has been increased slightly, by popular demand.

  • Contest winner 2 through 10 are almost ready and should be ready by patch 2.1 to get added to the game. I'm looking forward to Coulson's Card Collection.

can't wait for patch 2.1!!!! thank you...

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Hmnn that clarify some things.

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