Loki build(s)?

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So what is the "best" or what are some "solid" builds for Loki?

Which artifacts are best on him?

Which relics should I use?

Also what should I look for on my core?

Thanks! Any direction would be nice. I see on marvelbase a lot say to use the relic that gives you more mana? no damage? Also which "armor" should I use? The one that gives my life on hit or the one that gives me more damage?


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Anyone? :/

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@Gathnarius has a really good build as well, so maybe he can chime in on this and help you out.

Another notable build would be @Glockner's build.

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Hi there. So it really depends on how you want to play him.

I find his mischeif tree to be a ton of fun, but its in flux right now. They are still working on it.

All of his trees have plwnty of aoe. I like to so hybrid build.

So i like premafrost and cold snap. With illusion orojection and arcane ruin. Right now meteroic illusion is kinda meh. But that may change with next patch.

From sorc tree bouncing bolt, lay waste and binding are good. That tree is very mana heavy. So u may want mana relic and mana artifats such as moonstone or mini beta particle.

If u fo for mischief tree then get sinster medal. Wundagore clay, raptor stone, any artifacts that help with summons.

Loki is pretty strong!! I find hybrid with either giant tree or sorc tree and some mischeif tre to be most fun. Might not be most effective tho.

Hope that helps some

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Thank you @Scourm for suggesting my build. Above is the link to it @Jboku

My build is ranged AoE DPS primarily, but requires spirit management to be effective. I am waiting for a couple videos I've recorded to finish uploading so I can link them in the guide I wrote, although my cpu is somewhat crappy so not sure how clear they will be.

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Thanks everyone for your help! It looks like there are many ways to build Loki. I am torn between a nice AoE build using Lay waste / Perma frost or using his illusions which i find fun. I might try a hybrid build.

It looks like most people like the relics that give them +mana. Is this because he has no spirit regen powers? Why not use the relic that gives him +mental dmg?

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I am having a blast with his Mischief tree. I absolutely wreck things with it and feel unstoppable.. Things die super fast...

If you like the Mischief tree, you should at least give this a try. I stack artifacts that help my illusions... so Latverian Regalia, Wundagore Clay, Raptor Stone, and Advanced Latverian Regalia...

I am at 52 now and content is so trivial... I havent struggled to survive in who knows how long..

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