Game Update 2.01 Patch Notes

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Hero Changes

Focus on a few bug fixes, corrections to Loki's illusions (as most player's reported) and quality-of-life improvements to a few heroes.


Fixed an issue with Colossus' Osmium Champion not applying its stat bonuses.

Fixed an issue with Colossus' permanent move speed bonus from Siberian Express in hubs.

Emma Frost

Lustrous Lunge: Max range extended by ~15% to be on par with similar powers.

Human Torch

Bouncing Fireball: Should now correctly benefit from Area keyword


Fixed an issue with Arcane Illusion summoning infinite Loki Illusions.

Illusions are now properly receiving power damage from their respective Loki powers - Spatial Deception, Illusionary Projection, and Meteoric Illusion. The method of summoning the illusion no longer has an effect on its base stats, as originally intended. The health and defense of these illusions are now displayed on Spatial Deception's tooltip. Illusions no longer gain all of Loki's base stats. They will continue to be some of the strongest spells in the game, but should no longer trivialize content.

Luke Cage

Cold Shoulder: Now has the same pathing "leeway" around corners and objects that similar dash powers have.

Tactical Defense will no longer cost twice as much spirit as the tooltip indicates.

Ms. Marvel

Flying Knee: Now usable in player hubs

Rocket Raccoon

Stun Grenade: Tagged as an Area power, added small minimum range, maximum range extended by ~50%

Gravity Mine: Throw animation sped up by ~15%, added small minimum range, maximum range extended by ~8% (both bombs now have the same maximum range)

Turret Summons: Placement animation sped up by ~20%, wake up delay reduced by ~25%

Fixed Rocket Raccoon's Pistol Whip preventing Spirit regeneration.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch Ominous Veil: Effect should no longer end prematurely while the toggle is still active

Enervating Hex: No longer strips buffs from enemies.

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