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Enemy Health Discussion (This is a bug btw)

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I'm on record as being one of Gazillion's more vocal supporters, and I have been (perhaps justifiably so) poked fun at because of it. I can take it - it's all good. But...even I'm not certain what's going on right now.

I understand game development, like life, has it's ups and downs. But I feel like this game's direction is suffering from it's own form of bipolar disorder. One patch goes up - 'Yay!'. The next patch goes down - 'Aww!'. Another patch goes back up - 'Woohoo!'. The next patch hits the ground floor - 'Boo!'.

Patches, to the best of my knowledge, are supposed to A.) fix broken content and B.) add new content. I get it. But it seems every time they release a patch that adds or fixes something, it ruins a bunch of others. I seem to recall at release, they wanted to avoid 'nerfing' as much as possible while also avoiding power creep. Certainly, that makes sense. But I'm seeing more nerfing taking place in the name of 'bug fixes' then I ever expected to see. Also, I'm seeing some self-nullifying decisions being made.

Adding more item slots - 'Awesome!' Buffing enemy health that negates their addition - 'Huh?'

Adding a whole new zone - 'Awesome!' Making people donate gear for two weeks after release before they can access it - 'Huh?'

Adding a Legendary Vendor in that new zone to redeem Odin Marks for Legendary gear - 'Awesome!' Buffing enemies to the point that it takes twice as long to finish Legendary quests while giving greatly reduced XP causing players to say 'Why bother?' - 'Huh?'

Grinding in MM was ok for me when I could kill mobs, kill bosses, kill mobs, repeat. But when it takes from one boss defeat to the next boss spawn to kill a single mob-group, that decreases my loot gain, my XP gain and my credit gain.

What's the point again?

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Ya while loki is fun this was overall just a bad patch. Next patch needs some fine tuning like returning enemy hp back to the way it was.

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The problem is that this patch looks and feels vastly different from the last version I tested on the TC. So many "small" changes were made that had a huuuge impact and if this would've been on the TC for perhaps a day, this could've been avoided. Enemy health and damage are core features of the game and shouldn't be changed on a whim. This effects everything from chapter 1 normal to Norway on SH.

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I am supposed to be happy with new stuff, but things keep changing so quickly I keep changing or having to cope with all the changes on all my characters.

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It is hard. Usually by the time the next patch hits they have things ironed out, but it is hard. Everyone gets all excited about new patches. I do! You get hyped and you cant wait to see what has been done. Only to get slapped in the face over and over again by a change that seems to make no sense. Almost Every patch is the same thing. I don't know what causes it, but it gets old.

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The mobs buff in the recent patch is really strange. Imagine that in WOW we have a new armor tier but instead of new raid we get current content with more hp. Actually more hp is the problem. It does not increase difficulty. For example my punisher needed 2 sec to kill a pack, that pack couldn't take him under 80% hp because of def passive (Pain Tolerance) and lifesteal. Now everything is the same but it takes 5 sec, my lifesteal is even stronger because of new slots and I don't understand what is the point of such a change. Making doop harder for heroes with no bursts? (because IM and Luke still have no problem with that).
And yes, I don't like moving Punisher to starter heroes. This means it will be another hawkeye/daredevil with the reasoning "this is f2p man, go buy Tony Stark to actually have fun"

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i sadly agree with you

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Agree with everything.I seriously don't get why they buffed legendary quests patch after patch and now with 2.0 they are nerfing them into oblivion.Why buff them in the first place then?About mob health,if they REALLY want to keep it this way,they should tone drop and exp rate accordingly.Time to kill increase--->Drop increase--->Exp increase to fill in.I suck at maths and even i can get the equation.One step forward,two big steps back.Hope they are just bugs and not intended.

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Am I the only person still one shotting everything? Bosses seem to be the only thing with extra health.

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I can't be the only one who doesn't agree with this thread? I do legendary quests on 4 characters ranging from 40 to 60 and see little to no difference in my kill rate anywhere in the game, and especially in MM.

Part of me says you need to revisit your spec or gear choices or something:
40 Thor
43 Iron Man
51 Colossus
60 Cable

I'm also not suddenly dying any more.
It's probably more of an issue with heroes who have had reworks and those who haven't.

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Reminds me when they ''fixed'' defense and within the next patch, buffed mobs health and density, you weren't being one shotted anymore, but just dying as fast by several mobs attacks.

It's always been like this afaik, introduce more powerful gear, artifacts and uniques, but tune the mobs accordingly so that you will never feel more powerful, even though you keep upgrading your heroes. And of course there's always the nerf hammer on some artifacts.

''There's no such thing as too much power'' I think I read once, I wish they would follow this concept. What they should have done is make the new chapter 9 more difficult and challenging, while leaving other areas close to what they were.

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@MegamanFan said:
I haven't been able to do any legendaries since the patch dropped, but if they nerfed the xp in those, that's just an upsetting, baffling decision.

I got Loki to 60 using legendaries I can tell you the give plenty of xp.

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