Pseudo Friday Summary - 8/25

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Next week, @AgentVapor will resume the Friday Summaries, but I didn't want to leave you all without a juicy nugget.

Behold Psylocke, Horseman of War. Both the boss version and costume come with a super rad Psychic Ballista power!

This beauty was modeled by @YoungNg!

Have a great weekend everyone, enjoy the Defenders event!

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@Malthak said:


They were never gonna use that since these Horseman designs are new.

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Just for fun...

Any news on that boss blog?

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@Asros said:

@KBColossus said:

Could you please clarify how these special costumes will work?


Does the costume provide a completely new power?


Does it override a current one?


If it's a brand new power, how is that being balanced?

The power is balanced using the same tuning tags we do for other powers. Meaning, since you can only slot 8 powers, it uses the same budget that any other power would.

I'm sure there will inevitably be some power that gives some edge and is claimed to be "required". We will do our best to ensure that this isn't the case. Are there risks? Yes. However, we think the potential benefit of allowing us to give you all new and exciting powers based off of iconic looks is well worth that.

What would Magik's Horseman Power's name be, if I may ask? :)

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Whoa. That looks so badass! Thanks for the awesome costume! @YoungNg

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That's um ... pretty friggin' awesome. Samurai Psylocke. Must resist opening wallet ... guuuuuh ...

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@Asros said:

@Emilio said:
@Asros, is there a chance for a Colossus Horseman Costume?


No, our horsemen are all original concepts and models.

However, Jean AoA and Colossus AoA are getting VU's at the same time.

Both look CRAZY good.

Wow! This is really good to hear!
I just can't wait to see his AoA VU!
Thank you very much, my friend!!!


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