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Marvel Heroes Omega 2.16 Patch Notes

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The Hand has returned to New York! Talk to Misty Knight in the Avengers Tower, then head to Midtown or Hightown Patrol to suppress The Hand incursion.

Once you’ve spoken to Misty Knight, you can join the fight in pushing the Hand out of New York, earning Orders of the Hand from any Hand enemies, as well as from new missions detailed below!


A Defender's Task at Hand (Account Mission)

  • Misty Knight is looking for some heroes for hire to deal with a sudden rise in criminal activity with The Hand. Talk to her in Avengers Tower for your first assignment.
    • Reward: 50 Orders from The Hand

Daily Missions (Shared Mission)

  • Daily Defenders: Midtown Patrol
  • Daily Defenders: Hightown Patrol
    • Reward: 20 Orders from the Hand



These new Artifacts can be purchased with Orders from the Hand at the Event Terminal in Avenger's Tower:

  • Kirigi's Tetsubishi - An Artifact known to enhance your skills among other things.

    • Cost: 120 Orders from the Hand
  • Elektra’s Bandana - A Powerful item that summons Elektra by your side.

    • Cost: 120 Orders from the Hand
  • Bullseye’s Deck of Cards - Practicing with these Bladed Cards is known to improve your skills from a distance.

    • Cost: 120 Orders from the Hand.

Elektra, Kirigi, and Bullseye are in possession of Cosmically Enhanced items as well.

Rumor is… Elektra’s also in possession of another special piece of gear.

Other Items:

  • Kingpin’s Ring of Power - A Unique Ring with enough punch to really give you an edge in fisticuffs.

    • Cost: 90 Orders from the Hand
  • Kingpin’s Ring of Stature - A Unique Ring capable of influencing those around you.

    • Cost: 90 Orders from the Hand


We are offering some new costumes for a handful of heroes that patrol the mean streets of Hell’s Kitchen:

  • Elektra Marvel's Daredevil Maskless Costume
  • Daredevil Marvel's Daredevil Maskless Costume
  • Luke Cage Marvel's Luke Cage Hood Up Costume

These three new costumes are available directly in the in-game store!


The following heroes that already know their way around the streets will receive a 50% Experience Bonus during this event until September 7th:

  • Daredevil
  • Elektra
  • Iron Fist
  • Luke Cage



  • Fixed an issue where Beast's "Test Subject" achievement would not unlock using Brain powers.


  • Fixed an issue where being defeated while Remote Detonation was active would cause it to become stuck as Remote Detonation upon returning to checkpoint rather than reverting to Timed Explosive.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented Blade's ammo from regenerating correctly while certain Spirit-boosting items were equipped.


  • Fixed a typo in Carnage's Maximum Carnage Ultimate power.


  • Updated Luke Cage's Improvised Wrecking Ball icon.


  • FIxed an issue where defeating Kl'rt in his terminal would not count for Squirrel Girl's Undefeated achievement.


  • Elektra, Kirigi, Bullseyes and Kingpin have upped the ante and now drop new items from their weapon war.

  • Luke's Lucky Chain has received quality of life improvements. This adjustment is retroactive.

  • Additionally Luke's Lucky Chain now has a Cosmic version. This item can drop from any yellow elite pack in the game.


  • Defeating Elektra or Gorgon now counts toward any mission or achievement objective that requires defeating The Hand.

  • Fixed an issue where activating a travel power before moving the analog stick would not allow you to steer your hero's movement correctly when using a gamepad.

  • Fixed an issue where defeating Kingpin in story missions would not register for the Check Mate achievement.

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