Friday Summary - 8/11

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Ahoy-hoy folks,

Test Center and Patch News

Test Center is live! Please provide your feedback in our Test Center category.

We do have a server maintenance planned on Tuesday (8/15) has been applied and the maintenance is not needed anymore.

Current Patch Notes

Friendly Reminder: If you notice ANY bugs, please @ AgentVapor or myself. This can apply to power bugs, visual bugs, event bugs... any kind of bugs really.

Cosmic Chaos Event! 8/10-8/16 @ 11:59PM PDT!

  • Cosmic Worldstones can drop from any enemy in the game!
  • Cosmic Bosses Drop Double Loot - All cosmic Terminal and Patrol bosses drop twice the amount of loot as normal!
  • Cosmic Questions Answered - 42% server-side Experience for all heroes.
  • Cosmic Prestige Doubled - Doubled leveling rate for Cosmic Prestige during Cosmic Chaos week.

Cosmic Event Vendor

  • Cosmically Enhanced Doop Estoplasm - 750 Worldstones

Current Sale

Quick Updates & Known Issues

  • Blob VU!

  • Toad VU!

  • Spider-Woman VU

  • One of the many SHIELD Agent VUs. (It is planned for us to update all the SHIELD NPCs)

  • Hydra Soldier VU

  • Magik - Horseman Costume

  • Storm 90's VU

To be Continued...

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@KomoriMan thanks for the update. :)

Eagerly Awaiting Marvel Heroes with Omega Items!!!

Thanks for the assist @alunguy. :)

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I'm guessing Magik is Pestilence?

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HOLY MOLY that Magik costume is &*(&^#(^@# AMAZING!!! I cant wait to see the rest. @thedink is that your work?

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edited August 11

I'm in love with that Magik costume! Can't wait to see Storm. :#

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Thanks for showing Magik, which of the four is she?

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That Magik Costume makes my wallet hurt,lol. Looking forward to the rest...

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Nice looking Magik, must be pestilence.

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Yay more x-men stuff

Sig by Soulebreaker

Interesting! My Mr. Fantastic build!

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Now that Magik is a tease.... but Ima need more. =3 Especially the Storm one...........

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That Magik costume! Holy Cow! She looks Astonishing in that! Amazing work by the team behind it. I can't wait to see the rest.

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@Kittyattack said:
Yay more x-men stuff

I think you dropped the /s

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wow 2 new things after 7 months of same crap

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um... defenders event details?

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@Maggotbreath said:

@Kittyattack said:
Yay more x-men stuff

I think you dropped the /s

Well. better than more spider stuff

check the tweets for insight

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Any news on the Boss and Enemies Dev Blog?

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