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Trading catalysts with visuals

Location Make Drax Playable DAMN IT!Posts: 85 Mighty

Could we please trade catalysts that have visuals attached to them because I got the achievement to get glowing eyes but didn't get the recipe. So I'm trying to trade with my friend since he got it but we cant. PLEASE?!

Posts: 1,241 Fantastic

Submit a ticket to CS for the recipe.

Posts: 6 New Agent

If u are talking about "Purple glowing eyes" - u need 10 titles to obtain em, however title "Sorcerrer Supreme" doesnt counts (was given "free" during event).

Im not sure, but maybe thats the reason of ur problem..?

True BelieverPosts: 36 Mighty

I really would like this idea as well... I don't have so much "old" and classic "Increase Size" or "Shrink Size" Visuals on catalysts anymore - and since the artifacts don't have this visual on them anymore.... I would like to buy them :)

Location Make Drax Playable DAMN IT!Posts: 85 Mighty

Buying visuals would be so awesome and most people should like that

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