Friday Summary - 6/30

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Ahoy-hoy folks,

Test Center and Patch News

There is a tentative Test Center planned for next week. It would occur closer to Thursday-Friday with the newest hero testable*.

There is no scheduled server maintenance/downtime next week*.

Current Patch Notes

Friendly Reminder: If you notice ANY bugs, please @ AgentVapor or myself. This can apply to power bugs, visual bugs, event bugs... any kind of bugs really.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Content and Terminal!

New Location:

  • Terminal: Daily Bugle (Level 20 minimum requirement to unlock)

New Missions:


  • Vulture’s Vengeance (Level 20 minimum requirement)

Daily Bugle Event (Account):

  • Speak to S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Stan Lee in the Avengers Tower for your next assignment.

Daily Bugle Beatdown

  • Reward - Daily Bugle Press Badge (Artifact)

New Items:


  • Vulture’s scavenged some Alien Tech and cobbled together a new Legendary Item


  • Vulture rummaged through the trash heap and brought his own Medallion with him
    *The Sinister Six have created a Unique Medallion that represents their membership since Otto’s calculations are a little off, and there’s clearly way more than six of them.


  • Vulture, Green Goblin, Tombstone and Kraven have become jealous of the rest of the Sinister (can these guys even say) Six and brought Artifacts of their own with them!
  • Additionally, The Sinister (way more than) Six have stolen Spider-Man’s Webbed Wings! (Artifact)

Newspapers! Read all about it!

The Spider-Menace is headlining several Bugle Newspapers which can be found from any enemy in the Operation!

June 28th until July 12th

  • Log in each day to receive a free Spider-Man: Homecoming Fortune Card!
  • 50% Bonus Experience for all Heroes!
  • Additional 100% Bonus Experience when playing Iron Man or Spider-Man!

Quick Updates & Known Issues

We recently showed off a new costume for Carnage... Spider Carnage!

  • Blob VU!

  • Bullseye VU! Done by @Pilgrym

  • Hydra Soldier VU!

  • Toad VU!

  • Kraven VU!

To be Continued...

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I'm looking for what those asterisks refer to but I don't see it.

Now I see it.

I was looking for the symbol but you had text.

Asterisk = Subject to Change

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How long to wait a new Rogue power from Vulture?
Good job on terminal. I like to farm it. If only there can be more mobs...

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Any playable costumes VU to relate???

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Hero Roster 2.x
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May the Derp be with you

Uhh wanted heroes list thingie, umm.. agent venom, the death star, gamora, thanos, CAPTAIN jack sparrow, black knight, songbird, crystal, avatar aang, man-thing, Polaris, ahsoka tano, captain rex

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(sigh) guessing that legendary is from vulture himself? Well... time to go farming mode.

dang you, dang you to heck

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Moar mobs in Vulture Terminal or lower kill count to 50-75 like Dimensions Collide terminal.

Add power to Vulture for Rogue to steal.


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You for got the bug that rogue can no longer get moleman ability! @KomoriMan @AgentVapor.

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Hey @KomoriMan love the Homecoming outfits! Are your team finished with heroes VU's as you've been focusing on Villains VU's just curious if there are more VU's for heroes to come?
Keep up the good work!

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Can you tell us what the TC is meant to address? Hero balance? Bug fixes? Bugle tweaks? This is pretty vague.

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Any chance of increasing the difficulty of the vulture?
He is so weak

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@sheffield said:
This is pretty vague.

Welcome to Marvel Heroes 2016!

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Switch that Toad model's skin color to orange, and you've got a pretty decent Sammy Pare.

Be nice to see some of the comic students at the x-mansion instead of the generic mutant kids.

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Marvel Heroes is dead on PC...

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I like how you even copy pasted your signature picture!

All of my builds posted can be found here:

Wish List: Ult upgrades

I'll get that to the right people.

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So when is carnage coming out? :D

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@Gutocmks said:
So when is carnage coming out? :D

if the next test center is for Friday (maybe, or pushed back to monday), then I would say two weeks on top of that. I would estimate the release to around Friday July 21 unless they want to rush him and give him less than 2 weeks, Which is not impossible given that they don't really do big changes during the test center period anymore (probably because of what the CEO has said about some of Marvel's comments that they were doing this kind of thing at the last minute and that Gaz wasn't the only company who had to go through the approval process). So if there is a really big problem with the core design, it will have to wait for him to get a QoL in several months.

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