Marvel Heroes 2016 Live Stream for our 4th Anniversary! 6/16 @ 1:00PM PDT

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Ahoy-hoy guys,

Join us for our live stream for our 4th Anniversary Event! We plan to have a very casual live stream with some of our staff members on to chat about their history with Marvel Heroes and Gazillion. Our live stream will begin on Friday(6/16) at 1:00PM PDT!

If you have any questions for our team or our game... please provide them below!

We will have a TON of prizes to giveaway during the stream such as...

  • Hero Bundles
  • Costume Bundles
  • Advanced Pack 3
  • and more...

See you guys there!

Twitch Channel Link

Countdown to the live stream!

Watch the VOD here!

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how do we get on the chat, I can never find it.

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My most immediate concern.

Would also love to see a new patrol though.

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I'll be watching. (One day earlier, it could've been Rocket Raccoon Day stream! But... June 16th is the holiday for Marvel, in general, so that does fit very well, too!)

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No. That is all

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Will we be shown costumes for Carnage? Will Carnage get his sub-forum soon?

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Do you guys view Taskmaster as an NPC or as a playable character?


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You have said in May that you didn't knew at the time what we could expect to be ported from the console version to the PC with the Omega patch in september. Do you have any updates on that ? And I don't mean just "we are definitely going to port that feature/system", but also mostly "we already know we won't port this aspect".

Also could you talk a little about the stat system change and the itemization on console compared to the PC ? in the eventually you would not port it on PC (which would mean that you wouldn't be able to mutualized the work done on itemization and essentially have to double the work the item designers have to do) would you still revamp the whole itemization ? It's something that is badly needed, even before the introduction of the archetype system but it's even more needed because of it. Most items have been designed before the archetype system, and sometimes some whole slot are missed opportunity (pretty much since some have been missed opportunity since their release like the whole rune system, some have worsened over time).

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@KomoriMan I have 2 big things that I would like to see addressed

one to help the state of the game and encourage players

and one to help the game to encourage sales


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My question is will there finally be something done about the horrendous lag whats plagued this great game from day one.
Any more than 4 people in your instance and the games nearly unplayable at times.

Ive took on board many bits of advice off this wonderful community and still have the lag problem.

Bought myself a top gaming PC with an overclocked 1080ti, installed the game on an SSD and still get lag, changed internet provider etc.

Why does every other graphically intense game i own run brilliant and this one suffers?

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Will you play some Cable Danger Room during stream?

@KomoriMan said:
a very casual live stream

oh, sorry, nvm...

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Reposting this for the second time, maybe third time lucky and I'll actually get lucky and get a reply! I'm stationed overseas so I won't be able to hop on stream at such ungodly hours. Have fun!

@ShizuTheNight said:
Hi @Orren, Thank you for taking time to speak with us and let us know what fun the game will be bringing us this year and the next. I had intended to post my thoughts previously but things were exceedingly busy at work.

I am obliged to state that English is not my first language and I am a relatively new player (45 days according to /played) compared to the more experienced veterans who regularly post. With this, I will first speak on the four issues that occur immediately to me:

  1. Quality control. No doubt numerous bugs are so expected following a major patch of the first part of BUE. In fact, I was surprised at how quickly that particular patch itself was built and deployed, as an ex backend server engineer myself. Downtime is generally reasonably short, regular and punctual as far as maintenance and updates are concerned (I play another AAA MMORPG which is notorious for failing to deliver on this). However, as of late, patches have been particularly buggy and even regular events have not been operating as intended. Take for example, the delayed drops of Odin chests during the most recent Odin event, the initial discrepancies regarding the experience multiplier during the most recent cosmic chaos, and the bugged king's County event last month which resulted in it being delayed a week. There were two consecutive weeks where an unexpected database issue resulted in half day down times each following regular maintenance on their respective weeks. I will not move on to mention the plethora of game play bugs that subsist, notwithstanding promises to rectify them for an extended period of time (one of which I understand to he nightcrawler's teleport, but I do not play him). I hope quality control will be tightened in the days to come

  2. The complete omission to follow up on previously mentioned plans that substantially affect critical parts of game play. In particular, it was mentioned in a major developer post ( nearly a year ago that 66 and 69 item upgrade recipes and raid uniques are "under review" and will be "discussed at a later date". The main rewards for dailies and raids (and partly, the recently added shield supply boxes) are hero and protector commendations. The main expenditure of these commendations are on the aforementioned recipes. If they are to be removed, why would one bother with dailies and raiding if not purely for fun simpliciter? I imagine the intention of adding dailies and raids to the game is to get people to draw people to play on a regular basis. If so, consider that this objective has been emasculated by the lack of follow up on the aforementioned developer post. Indeed, the number of people looking for raid parties has sharply decreased over the past few months (which may be due to the lack of people logging in, in part due to the present point I am making). I understand that omega items are planned to be due September, but surely, it is not too soon to comment on what direction commendations and item upgrade recipes will be taking? If this has not even been conceptualized after nearly a year following its announcement, I think "discussions" are taking slightly long.

  3. Player participation in the development process. For various reasons, owing in part to the tendency of some players to inaccurately restate what developers have previously mentioned, I think it is reasonable to hold back on prematurely discussing your upcoming plans. But consider that early stage two-way discussions have the merit of creating comfortable lead time for a pivot where deemed appropriate by your team. A recurring situation I have observed in the Test Center forums is that is often too late to iterate on certain suggestions by your players, even when their substantive merits are acknowledged, and this is sometimes made explicit by the developers themselves. I think the latest topic on the upcoming Venom iterations by @MichaelMayhem is an excellent example of what I am proposing ( As you can see, and probably already know, you have many passionate players who are willing to channel their passion into providing feedback

  4. Concomitance between the console and PC versions. Please note that many of your players are geared with their best in slot items in preparation for the next tier of gear (omega). To require more horizontal regearing, as distinct from vertical regearing, would take alot of justification indeed (especially since this was already required when the first part of BUE was implemented). Additionally, take kindly take this in context with the fact that the game features over 60 heroes (and counting). It is certainly true that not everyone owns and plays every single hero, but I think changes that discourage players from playing more heroes (by requiring regearing on a horizontal level) should be made would be ironical considering that one of the biggest draws of the game is the diversity in its roster. This is especially so in relation to level 80 legendaries, which cost 1000 odin marks each, taken in context with the removal of odin boosts and the low odin mark drop rate

Thank you for reading! I think the number of replies you have posted over the past month gives me the confidence that you read the majority of posts, and I appreciate that. Please do not feel compelled to reply

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@leopardwing said:
how do we get on the chat, I can never find it.

It is on the right side of the stream on Twitch.

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Should be interesting

Hero Roster 2.x

Create Your Own Wishlist link.

Overall Wishlist link.

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When do you plan start doing QoL's and reviews for heroes? Many have smaller or bigger problems.

Only 2 heroes in 7 months this year. What this mean for next year and amount of new heroes?

Will the incentives for doing events and side quests in story be increased? Would be nice to have a reason to care about those zones and content that's already there. Like it was with living burial, stoping MGH Romeo or fighting Madam Hydra in chapter 3.

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I will be in a field with no internet :( Hope you have a great stream though!

Twitch stream: Hayleyish

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1- I want to know if all the playable characters from PC will become playable in the console version? Will the FF ever appear on the console as a playable character?

2- Any plans to improve the rune and relic system?

3-Heroes QoL - why they have stopped? There are a good amount of heroes needing some improvements.

4- Any plans to improve Nick Fury with a great review of his kit power? His summoner build is very troublesome and his powers are copy-paste from Black Widow, Punisher and Winter Soldier. He really need a huge QoL.

5- Any plans to expand the Wakanda terminal? With the teaser trailer from Black Panther I really wish to see more about wakanda - with jungle and cities and some new villains. (The terminal have a Cinematic it could be merged to history perhaps?)

6- PC interface and wardrobe: when?

7- When will the PC version be renamed? It's June 2017 and the name of the game is still in 2017!!!

8 - What about those tons of currencies? I have a huge amount of hero, champion commendations but nothing to do with them (i have all the recipes and uniques are going to be erased so...)

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@Kittyattack said:
Can we get word on whats going on with the Fantastic Four like @Orren promised?

Well for 6/16 I'll be rotating play with each of the Fantastic Four.

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After this absolutely horrible GoT2 event (no new playable, no new team-up, one supposedly free pet I never got although I did log in during the weekend, two TU skins through a cash trap don't count)... Are you planning to do something a little better for not the next movies to come (you already announced your plans... unfortunately), but for the movies to be released in 2018? Ant-Man and the WASP (you know, that tiny team-up which could become a playable... just sayin'...), Black Panther (as long as the team-up is not behind another cash trap), and oh, that little movie called Avengers: Infinity War, which could give us tons of new costumes, a few more Team-Ups, and maybe another playable along the way (Falcon and some other Guardians, everyone?)

So yeah, long story short: in the long term, are you planning to make actual heroes playable, instead of releasing another sociopath and a duplicate Thor?

As I mentioned before, if you're too lazy creating new characters, you're even free to use the existing Team-Ups, some of them having two costumes already?

On a side note :smile:

  • Any plans to make Nick Fury actually enjoyable to play? Currently leveling him up, he just looks like a weak Punisher. I had much more fun with Black Bolt or even Beast (who still needs his 90s costume, by the way)

  • Can you show us some work in progress regarding new costumes? Or even give us some information about it? @TheDink has been very silent lately, so either she's working on something awesome, or you threw her in an alternate dimension. Please let it be reason #1 :)

  • How about fixing the store? We used to have an "Info" button which displayed the comics cover / movie poster the costume was inspired from. It's great that you decide to remove content, but I would appreciate it if you could add it at some point.

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