Marvel Heroes 2016 2.11 Patch Notes

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  • Reduced the health of Cable in the Simulation #77 Tournament Danger Room scenario.

  • Increased drop rate of new artifacts from the Simulation #77 and Trainyard Tournament Danger Room scenarios.

  • Increased the drop rates of Birthday Cake slices.

  • Fixed an issue where certain items were not appearing on the Anniversary event vendor for some accounts.

  • Fixed an issue where Anniversary achievement Fire and Forget could not be unlocked using S.H.I.E.L.D. Air Support Team-Up's SHIELD Air Strike power.

  • Fixed an issue that caused bosses within Infernal Limbo to not drop Odin Marks or other special currency items when the player had a Currency Boost active.

  • Fixed issues that prevented the A.I.M. Facility Tournament Danger Room scenario from being completed.

  • Fixed an issue where Cosmic Bounty Hunter: Mister Sinister achievement would not unlock upon completion.

  • Fixed an issue where your current active pet would be unsummoned after a region change if you had additional unequipped copy of that pet in your inventory.

  • The Chronicles of Doom have been removed from the cinematic list.

  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Air Support Team-Up can no longer be purchased multiple times from the event vendor.


  • Players are unable to launch the Mac client through Steam. We are still investigating a resolution for this issue; until this is fully addressed, as a workaround the standalone client for Mac can be used to launch and play the game, which can be found here.
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