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The End Of PVP...(Discussion Inside)

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Quoting @Orren here from the article :

"We’re not going to work on that version of PvP ever again, and aim to remove it completely sometime this year.....:We’re not going to work on that version of PvP ever again, and aim to remove it completely sometime this year......"

Personally I think its good its finally being removed as it was nearly never used and it was apart of and older version of the game that did not fit into the newer and better version.

Whats does everyone else think ???

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PVP was something that was added, but never really committed to, so I guess they saw it as time to put in the resources to polish or pull the plug, and they chose to pull the plug.

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@Maggotbreath said:
There was no way they could conceivably balance 30 chars for pvp, let alone 62. It was a tacked on system that never should have been there.

This is coming from someone who really enjoys pvp in a lot of games. It's just a bad fit here.

I myself play a Lot of PVP.


.SWTOR PVP mode.

.Heroes Of The Storm.

.Paladins: Champions Of The Realm.

And having played all those I have to agree that PVP never had a chance in MH where 62 heroes (and counting) characters.

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Bring back doom medal, pick a color pvp from beta. :|

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@JamesBarnes said:
This is @Psilocke 's fault :p :p :p :p

Archangel is the PVP mode in this image.

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I never once found a PVP match

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@HavokX said:
I never once found a PVP match

They have to be manually organized because the auto-grouping system has been broken for months.

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Never played it and was never interested in it.

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Probably one of the worst things to happen to this game.
Deadpool was gutted because of this mode. Dodge stat was nerfed to pointlessness which affected several other characters as well.
Many of which had to wait a year to receive their 52 review.....deadpool (whom was affected the most) had to wait nearly 2 years.
I logged in maybe once a month due to this till his review finally hit.

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@Payneshu said:
I think I want the Kills the Marvel Universe title, but I can't be bothered to ever play PvP again.

Then there's the que boss....

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If it wasn't going to ever get a rebuild, then cutting it is the right thing to do. Better for Gaz to focus their attention on improving the game modes they have committed to already.

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While I'm not opposed to PvP it's my least favorite thing about any game (except maybe second-job requirement raids) but I can enjoy it. I am NOT a fan of MOBA style at all and this was a single alley so I wasn't thrilled the few times I did it. If we had something more akin to WoW's Alteric Valley or other Battlegrounds I'd personally find it more appealing, but I can't really see how to make that work in MH either.

My suggestion would be that when you unlock a Hero you also unlock them in PvP but that's where the connection ends. Don't bring anything from PvE into PvP or the other way around. Have a separate set of 'generic' Any Hero PvP gear that are the only items that affect PvP and would have no effect in PvE. Which slots these would incorporate is up to debate, but anything beyond basic 1-5, Medallion, Rings, and Insignia would be asking for more of a balance nightmare than things would be already.

No Legendary? No Artifacts? Well, your opponents don't have them either and it could really narrow the scope and worth of each piece of PvP gear you put on and you'd be able to make quicker decisions on how to build yourself. Also you'd only be able to participate in battles with similarly geared opponents, so you don't have those in all cosmics fighting those in all greens (unless there is a general free-for-all zone). How would these be acquired? From a vendor and a victory chest at the ends of battles.

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