Say Hello To Your Anniversary Pet!

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Woof, comrade!

Coming soon!

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nice. was just thinking i wanted this in the game while reading Guardians last night.

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It's adorable.

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Very nice! :) Looks really well done.

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I had zero interest in Cosmo until I saw that animation :) That's pretty cute.

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@Asros, playable Cosmos perhaps? That'd be nice. We do already have a Raccoon, but a dog should be a nice addition. Then perhaps you guys can add the Duck later. So much diversity.

Thanks in advance for the pet though.

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OMG! yes!

@Asros @KomoriMan - does he talk?

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OK so you guys seem like you are taking steps specifically to appease me...

Keep it up :-)

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Love it. Good boy, cosmo--I mean @Asros

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@Asros said:
Woof, comrade!

Coming soon!

Awww I think it's cute :D I like him. Can't wait to get him :D

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@KomoriMan When we gonna get a remote control Heliocarrier to go with the Blackbird?

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