Marvel Heroes 2016 2.09 Patch Notes

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

To celebrate the release of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 releasing in theaters this Friday, May 5th, we’ve prepared some cosmically-enhanced event bonuses and new Guardians of the Galaxy goods!

  • Cosmic Chaos - The Cosmic Chaos event returns, starting Thursday, May 4th at 12:01 AM PST and running until Wednesday, May 10th at 11:59 PM PST!

  • Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon Bonus XP - For the duration of the Cosmic Chaos event, both Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon will receive a 100% bonus XP! This bonus stacks with the 42% server-side XP bonus from the Cosmic Chaos event.

  • New Costumes - New Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Movie Costumes for both Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon!

  • Login Reward - Log in any time between Thursday, May 4th and Wednesday, May 10th and receive 2 of the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Fortune Cards!

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Fortune Card - This new Fortune Card features some new Guardians of the Galaxy themed items, including:


  • Drax (Movie Variant) Team-Up (Exclusive)

  • Gamora (Movie Variant) Team-Up (Exclusive)

  • Groot Pet
  • Stack of 3 Combo Boosts
  • Ultimate Upgrade Token


  • Guardians of the Galaxy Flourish
  • Star-Lord Spray Paint Flourish
  • Rocket Spray Paint Flourish
  • Groot Spray Paint Flourish
  • Drax Spray Paint Flourish
  • Gamora Spray Paint Flourish
  • Ravagers Spotlight
  • Potted Groot Pet


  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Supply Boost
  • Experience Boost
  • Currency Boost
  • Infinity Orb Case

  • The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Fortune Card also includes Retro Cassette Tapes currency items, which can be used to purchase the Drax or Gamora Movie Variant Team-Ups, Groot pet, or any of the new Flourish items from Clea in Avenger’s Tower.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Flourish items from the new Fortune Card can also be found within S.H.I.E.L.D. Supply Drops.

Visual Updates

The following costumes have received visual updates:

  • Deadpool X-Force
  • Deadpool Unmasked

Check them out in-game today and let us know what you think!

Hero Changes


  • Fixed an issue where Acrobatic Roll was not properly considered a Dash power.

Jean Grey

  • Leveling up while playing as Jean Grey in Phoenix Form will no longer revert her back to non-Phoenix form.


  • Fixed an issue where Shockwave Grenade was missing its tooltip description text.

Miscellaneous Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to receive a Cosmic Artifact item that did not have a Cosmic affix, including when receiving Cosmic Artifacts from reward boxes.

  • Fixed an issue where Doctor Doom would not count towards the “Insane in the Brain” achievement.

  • Fixed an issue where “Target Acquired: Blob” and “Target Acquired: Sabretooth” would not count defeats within Terminals.

  • Fixed an issue where Emma Frost’s Inspire Minion power would not count for achievement “The Expendables”.

  • Fixed an issue where Defeating Magneto on the Cosmic Difficulty as Colossus would not count for achievement “Questionable Tactics”.

  • Fixed an issue where Beast’s achievement “Doctor, Doctor” could not be completed.

  • Daredevil’s “Shadowland” achievement may now be completed once again.

  • Fixed an issue where Elektra defeats in Fisk Tower would not count for achievements “Red’s Not Your Color” and “His Most Dangerous Enemy”.

  • Fixed an issue where some Kaecilius-related achievements were missing icons in the achievement panel.

  • Fixed an issue where the Emma Frost achievement “The Expendables” would not correctly update when using the Inspire Minion power.

  • Fixed an issue where the Venom achievement “Separation Anxiety” could not be completed.

  • Fixed an issue where the “Never Gonna Give You Up” achievement could not be completed.

  • Fixed an issue where the exit portal was not correctly appearing after defeating Ultron within the Times Square terminal.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the game client on Windows 10 after installing the Windows 10 Creators' Update.

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