A Letter from the Creative Director - PC Content Timeline for Marvel Heroes in 2017

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Ahoy-hoy everyone,

Marvel Heroes 2016's Creative Director, Jesse Decker(@Orren ) is here to introduce himself and to lay out the PC content timeline for 2017...

"My name is Jesse Decker(@Orren ), and I'm the Creative Director on Marvel Heroes. I'm sorry if you've felt like we haven't been communicating enough. I hope that we can earn your trust and build a rapport over the course of the coming months. As a start of this process, I’m going to share the roadmap as I see it for 2017 then answer as many of your questions as I can in this thread.

I’m excited about what lies ahead for the PC game, but before we get into the roadmap, everyone needs to understand that there is always some risk to any schedule. The plan below represents a lot of hard work ahead and of course we’ll come up with (and you folks will suggest) more excellent ideas along the way. I have not included the full list of costumes or cosmetic-only items here; some of those items will release every month if not otherwise mentioned here.


May - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2-themed costumes for Star Lord and Rocket Raccoon, Gamora & Drax movie teamups, and an awesome movie-inspired Groot pet!

June - Anniversary gifts, a new danger room tileset with a new boss fight using an up-leveled version of an existing foe, and our usual over-the top Anniversary event.

July - A new Daily Bugle Terminal with a brand new boss fight (first as part of an event and then later turned on permanently)

Late July - Carnage playable; Carnage has been discussed as a potential playable for a long time. The design team is pretty excited about what they can do with his power set and the awesome visuals of Carnage turning his own body into weapons.

September - Apocalypse Terminal

November - Thor-related playable content, most likely a new terminal facing down the powerful Hela

Late November - Odinson (Unworthy Thor) playable. This incarnation of Thor has a full roster of new powers that change dynamically as he switches between weapons. It’s worth emphasizing that this is a new playable not a special costume.


We’re a month or three away from sharing our plans for the first half of 2018. I’ll chime in with those as soon as I can. Thanos looms menacingly over the year and will surely mark a major calendar milestone.

In addition to the content and characters listed above, we have plans to improve our event designs, many of which involve new content. Those plans likely have to wait for an opening, because the schedule described above is already for our team ambitious. As we continue to work through the summer, we'll share those details as well.

Sometime in the June to September 2017 timeframe, we want to bring the Omega patch to PC. There's a lot to figure out about that patch still, and although I'll try to answer questions as they arise in this thread, there are some things that we can't share simply because they are not yet decided or solved.

There are a lot of questions about how the console and PC games will differ. We are planning to keep the two games similar but not exactly the same. For example, you cannot trade items to other players on the Console game, but we do not plan to take away that functionality on the PC game. In addition, there are 2 fewer equippable item slots on the console version, and we have changed many, if not all of the items with new affixes, new powers, and new keywords. We have also made some items now work within the rarity system that previously did not. We are working daily to plan out exactly how each of these differences will be resolved and on what timeline. Our broad goals are to make the best choices we can for the cross-platform effort but not take away functionality from the PC that is already there. Another huge example of this is that console players do not have access to teamups.

I welcome comments in this thread and will try to be online all day to answer issues as they come up."

Jesse(@Orren ) along with the team will be here to answer your questions. Remember for any concerns, suggestions, feedback, bugs or anything else you have, please tag me or our developers.


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@KomoriMan @Orren so what is the cross-platform effort's end goal? I thought cross platform play was off the table...

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