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Ahoy-hoy folks,

The Marvel Heroes Omega forums are now live!

These new forums are specifically for Marvel Heroes Omega console discussion, so if you're looking to talk about the Closed Beta and console details, please head on over! This also includes Xbox One chatter as well.

If you have a forum account here on the Marvel Heroes 2016 forums, you should be able to log into the new forums with the same login information on the Marvel Heroes Omega forums. It may request that you reset your password, please do so and you should be able to log in.

Please note - these new forums are meant to be a place for constructive discussion and feedback related to Marvel Heroes Omega and the Closed Beta. We expect folks to respect the forum rules and each other; please review the Code of Conduct before posting in the new forums, and bear in mind that moderation that occurs on either forum will affect that account on both forums.

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