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Greetings Heroes!

The Community Discussion forum is intended to be a place where players of Marvel Heroes can come to socialize with one another outside of the game. It's a place intended to get to know other members of the community as well as talk about non-game topics with others, which in essence makes this an Off-Topic forum.

While this means that topics here will take more of a different tone and set of content as opposed to the rest of the forum (in the spirit of community building and socializing, of course), we do want to remind people of a few policies we've set for this forum.

  • The Forums Code of Conduct and Terms of Service are still in effect even if the content may not be game-related.
  • As this is more of a social forum, it is important to be accepting and welcoming of others even if they are not like you or do not share your views. Attempts to exclude, elitist attitudes, and other such behaviors that seek to shut others out from the choice to participate in this forum will not be tolerated.
  • While stated explicitly in the Code of Conduct, we are emphasizing no religious or political topics be posted here, as they are far too polarizing.
  • No threads dedicated specifically to GIF or image spamming, regardless of relevance. While we do expect some of this to occur inside threads not dedicated to this purpose, please make an attempt not to do so excessively.
  • No forum "games" such as one word story posts, say something about the person above you, etc. We'd rather you create more substantive, original threads to try to get to know one another.
  • Other thread types, if found to be problematic, may be outlawed at the Community team's discretion.

Other than this, we encourage you to use Community forum to connect with others playing the game. Enjoy!

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