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Legendary Quest rewards...

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At one time Leg's were the best source of XP and Creds. But they give out so little now that they are not worth doing beyond the Achievements that need you to do them.

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The price to reroll those quests is completely bogus.

They still cost as much as if we still had credit chests around.

Time to someone wake up and change those prices and change the legendary quest system as well.

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There are a few that I have tried doing and while one part of the objective makes sense, the location in terms of how to get there at times is confusing. (E.G.: Lowtown, A.I.M. Science Facility to name a few). I don't have much problem with the re-roll payment, but unless you guys try selling some of the lower level loot that you guys get to clear your inventory, then I don't see the point of ones complaining about having to pay if you're struggling.

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