Why are her VO's so.. Depressing? (Starfire/Classic Starfire)

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As some one who suffers from Depression, Every time I bring out either Starfire or Classic Starfire, And I hear her lines like "Its a Disaster out there. What can I do?" or "It must be really bad if they need my help." And the way she's saying it makes me want to show her to the nearest Psychiatrist for the newest Anti-depressants, or a good Psychologist for some therapy.

Any chance one day we could maybe get some tweaks to her VO's.. I'm not asking for it to be crazy.. but maybe one or two more sentences that could be added so that she doesn't sound so depressed all the time? (Maybe its just me, but the lines above that I'm referring to seem to play for her quite a bit..)

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Venom needs some alterations to his VO since its Eddie Brock.. C'mon! If it was Mac Gargon.. sure. But Eddie language Brock is almost as Snarky as Spidey!

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As well as the heart-rending line, "The really sad thing is even my fans occasionally confuse my name with that DC alien floozy's.". :tongue:

But you're right. I don't know, is she really under-confident in the comics?

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I hope you are doing okay. I know Depression can be tough. Wishing you the best.

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She had a VU?

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@Wyrding said:

But you're right. I don't know, is she really under-confident in the comics?

It's been a loooong time since I've really read anything with her in it, but back in the day (New Warriors and New Mutants era) she was kind of insecure and shy.

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Not to belittle your feelings, but the wife and I both suffer severe depression and we actually find Firestar kind of adorable. I'm frankly shocked that particular angle works (much of the voicing is too poor to carry that kind of heart, and "nervous" is usually a voice-acting death sentence), but she sounds genuinely shy and lacking confidence, and we're happy to take her out there with us and Make A Difference.

Also, it's nice to have a character not blustering nonsense about how they can take whatever other hero happens by.

Don't forget, you do get "Ding! You're done!" That is always way more hilarious than it ought to be.

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Angelica has pretty much always been written as a hero who sees herself as sub-par compared to most of the other heroes she knows/knows of.
Instead of appreciating what she herself can do, she looks at what others can do and compares herself directly and usually comes up short. Not as Experienced as XX not as courageous as XX, not as strong as XX, etc.

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