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As some of you may know, I was posting daily updates on my wall and some seem to really enjoy the updates so I decided to make a thread for those who do not believe in walls :)

First off we the CA's (Character case you have not had your coffee yet)And we are in our own little area away from everybody in the dark (literally) with our only neighbors being that if QA. We are in our element :)

Now that I got that out of the way let me update you best to my knowledge what we/some of thevCA's are working on (only cos I'm nosy)

@YoungNg has been working on our awesome Key Art that went through many iterations and took about 2 months to do. In between that he has been working on new mobs (they were concepted by our Concept Artist) and they look awesome! He is recently working on Living Laser VU as well (although most is special effects). He also VU'd the Shield Vendors/Crafters.

@DoomedMaiden has been working on Boss VU's and I think she may be able to spoil one soon but you did not hear that from me. She has also been working on mobs as well. Sadly her contract is up next week and we (especially @YoungNg and I will miss her deeply, I'm very sad :( my Mom always told me not to get attached to

@Pilgrym has been VUing Squirrels for SG XD he has also been working on end game credits of the characters and some NPC VU's (I forgot whom)

I have been working on Shield Agent VU's as well as "Fidelity Passes" on some characters (Jane Foster and Moonknight to name a couple) What is a "Fidelity Pass" you are asking? It's a hardcore "Material Pass" XD meaning re-baking maps and bringing into Quixel.

Loki Frost Boss got a VU which means his Classic as well, this is weird but it may be one of my favorite VU's (Next to Gambit of course) XD

Moonknight' cape got a VU, I think that's live, @wotrick?

Misty Knight got a VU :) been wanting to work on that one forever! Daredevil's clubs got a VU XD and there are a couple more Deadpool VU's as well but not sure if I am allowed to spoil anymore since the on,y thing I can spoil anymore are my cats. @SamuRonX.

That's just some of it folks! Hope you find this info somewhat interesting XD if I think of more I shall post it.

Oh and "HAIL DOOM"

P.S. And some have noticed a new Starlord costume ^_~


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@TheDink said:
@DoomedMaiden has been working on Boss VU's and I think she may be able to spoil one soon but you did not hear that from me. She has also been working on mobs as well. Sadly her contract is up next week and we (especially @YoungNg and I will miss her deeply, I'm very sad :( my Mom always told me not to get attached to

Her forum name seems more apt now. :'(

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I havent had the ability to post many positive things lately, but this is pretty great. A little goes a long way....
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Thanks for the update @TheDink.
We rarely see post like this anymore. Its like a breath of fresh air! LOL!
Glad to see/hear what you guys/girls working on. The CAs never disappoint.


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Thanks @TheDink for taking the time to talk to us!

Updates, however small are always awesome!

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So I guess @Lord is slacking then, eh?

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first off, thanks for this post. its awesome to hear whats going on, and we havent been getting that recently. also, sorry to hear @DoomedMaiden is leaving.

secondly, and you probably wont be allowed to answer, but im gonna ask anyway...since all references to the F4 are seemingly being erased from the game, and the characters arent in the console version, should we not expect any VU's or new costumes for them?

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This post needs a new title and some artwork.

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@TheDink said:
OMG! New Gambit Avatar!

Paging @DrunkyMcSwerveAndCrash ...I mean @IceyOne

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We love you guys! <3

Thanks for all the hard work.


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@TheDink I love your communication with the community!

Thanks so much for the infos and for your work!

I have noticed already a lot of VUs (mobs, bosses and NPCs) that are not suggested in the patchnotes. I love them! The boss VUs make me really happy.
Because of the boss VUs now I want a playable Wizard, Shocker or Dr. Octopus! ;)

I found Wizard costume before VU very boring and not interesting, but I like him really now.

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Thanks @TheDink

It's awesome to hear from you and I think you are doing a great job at communicating with the playerbase (on top of the art I mean, obviously). Your messages about the console port for example were far more interesting and made me more understanding of your situation. You have handled it better than gaz as a whole.

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Shield Agent VU sounds great is it the various versions and maybe Dugan as well?


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Awesome stuff! The visual updates in the game have been the most improved part of it and it really shows which heroes your team has been able to get their hands on

Daredevil and Echo out on a date


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Come on Dinkelstein I am a firm

when we he have these beauties available.

FYI I noticed a certain name missing from that update. Clock away White Chocolate clock away :D

check the tweets for insight

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@TheDink any news o n a Rogue 90's VU ;)

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Moon Knight got some love? Im pumped thanks @TheDink

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