Marvel Heroes 2016 2.08a Patch Notes

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Hero Changes

Iron Fist

  • Radiance Stacks will now fall off when you deactivate the Mastery of Many Styles talent.


  • Fixed an issue where Cosmic Convergence and Personal Magneton was not triggering all effects that occur when you detonate a Pulsar with a power.


  • Fixed an issue where Objection would freeze you in place with Objection Sustained active.

  • The Combo Points generated from Move To Strike with Objection Sustained active should feel more responsive.


  • Rending Leap will now move to an enemy if you are targeting one or have one target locked.

Miscellaneous Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues that were preventing Stolen Bundles of Cash from dropping as intended during the Wealth of Kings County event.

  • Fixed Party Panel members not positioning correctly on the HUD.

  • Fixed typo in Medusa's bio.

  • Fixed overlapping party member names when players are in a raid group.

  • Fixed an issue with Fortune Card tooltips not displaying all text correctly.

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