Attention Heroes! We will be having a server downtime tomorrow (6/28) at 2:00PM PDT. Servers are expected to be down for 3 hours for a game update. Thank you for your understanding.
The Marvel Heroes 2016 servers are now back online with game update 2.11, and the Anniversary event continues!

Marvel Heroes 2016 2.08a Patch Notes

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Hero Changes

Iron Fist

  • Radiance Stacks will now fall off when you deactivate the Mastery of Many Styles talent.


  • Fixed an issue where Cosmic Convergence and Personal Magneton was not triggering all effects that occur when you detonate a Pulsar with a power.


  • Fixed an issue where Objection would freeze you in place with Objection Sustained active.

  • The Combo Points generated from Move To Strike with Objection Sustained active should feel more responsive.


  • Rending Leap will now move to an enemy if you are targeting one or have one target locked.

Miscellaneous Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues that were preventing Stolen Bundles of Cash from dropping as intended during the Wealth of Kings County event.

  • Fixed Party Panel members not positioning correctly on the HUD.

  • Fixed typo in Medusa's bio.

  • Fixed overlapping party member names when players are in a raid group.

  • Fixed an issue with Fortune Card tooltips not displaying all text correctly.

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