Marvel Heroes 2016 2.08 Patch Notes

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Event: The Wealth of King’s County Returns

Maggia have stolen armored cars full of tax refund cash and are hoarding it in Kings County, New York where Industry City Patrol is located! Recover stacks of stolen cash from Industry City Bosses in both Normal and Cosmic difficulties.

Show your heroic side and turn them into the proper authorities so the deserving citizens of New York can get their tax refunds on time! You can turn the stacks in to the Special Event vendor in Avengers Tower.

If you are feeling more sinister, you can also exchange the stolen stacks of cash at any vendor for credits and keep the money for yourself!

This event will be active from Thursday, April 13th at 12:01 AM PST and run through Wednesday, April 19th at 11:59pm PST!

Event Details

XP Bonus - 100% bonus XP while playing in Industry City Patrol!

Item Drop - Stacks of Cash - Stacks of Stolen Cash can be acquired in the following ways:

  • Drops from Bosses in Industry City Patrol - Earn more from bosses in higher difficulties!
  • Wealth of King's County Jackpot - A random lootsplosion that can occur while playing in Industry City Patrol during this event!

Event Rewards

To thank you for returning the stolen bundles of cash to the authorities, you can exchange your Stacks of Stolen Cash for various rewards from the Special Events Vendor! A new addition to the Special Event Vendor for this event is a box containing a random Cosmic Artifact!

Industry City Fortune Card

Two event-specific Fortune Cards (Normal and Cosmic) that only drop in Industry City Patrol during this event! Cosmic Cards have higher chance at Rare or better items)

Super Epics:

  • Random Costume
  • Ultimate Upgrade Token


  • Random Unique Item with Challenge Bonus
  • Random Industry City Patrol Ring
  • Fred Dawson's Cap
  • Chest of 100 Odin Marks


  • Random Cosmic Medallion
  • Random Industry City Patrol Badge
  • Random Unique Item


  • Cosmic Ring
  • Epic Team-Up Gear
  • Epic Insignia
  • Stack of 10 Relics
  • Strong Costume Core
  • Chest of 10 Odin Marks

New Terminal: Dimensions Collide

Previously exclusive to the Dark Dimension event, you can now experience the battle against Kaecilius at any time through the new Dimensions Collide terminal!

The villainous sorcerer Kaecilius seeks to merge dimensions and end human existence in the process! A great explosion and and encroachment of demons in Times Square reveals Kaecilius’ location. Travel to Times Square to slow the dimension-clashing threat.

Once Terminals are unlocked for your Hero at level 20, you can access the Dimension Collide Terminal from any Waypoint under the Terminals tab.

Danger Room Changes

  • The Danger Room Tutorial Scenario now requires less Progression to complete each phase.

  • The 'Weapon Destruction' mission (Military and A.I.M. themes) now awards more Progression per cluster of weapon chests destroyed.

  • The A.I.M. "Weapon Destruction" mission now awards a proper amount of progression when destroying the weapon crates.

Hero Changes


  • Vanguard Of The X-Men no longer claims to increase Brutal Strike Damage.

Luke Cage

  • Fixed a tooltip error with Lethal Fists.


  • Fixed an issue where the area visuals from Nova Dash would be the wrong color while wearing the Nova Prime costume.


  • Fixed an issue where Psionic Projection would no longer create projections when the Flawless Projection Talent was selected.

Rocket Raccoon

  • Fixed a tooltip error with Upgraded Combat Shield.


  • Web Barrage animation time increased slightly to fix an issue where his right arm would twitch while using the power.

Misc Changes & Bug Fixes

  • The S.H.I.E.L.D. Medkit now heals for 20% of your Maximum Health instantly, and 4% of your Maximum Health per second for 5 seconds, for a total of 40% of your Maximum Health.

  • All bosses in Cosmic regions will now be able to receive a Cosmic boss affix if they were not able to previously.

  • Fixed an issue with the Soul Gem Mastery regarding your Medkit triggering at low health. This Mastery bonus has been re-enabled with today’s patch.

  • Re-enabled a number of Shared Quests that were previously disabled during the Dimensions Collide event. These Shared Quests should once again be included in the normal rotation.

  • Armor, Weapon, and Uru-Forged vendors have been added to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Training Room.

  • Fixed a number of issues in Chapter 4 that resulted in objectives not completing when defeating enemies in MGH Warehouse, Parking Garage, and Carmelo's Bistro.

  • Fixed various Chapter 4 mission flow and mission description issues.

  • Fixed an issue where the cinematic between Chapters 4 and 5 did not properly activate.

  • Fixed an issue where "Secrets of Mutant Town" and "History of Mutants" lore missions were not available upon completing Chapter 4.

  • The Chapter 1: "A City Aflame" event now requires less arsonists to be defeated to complete -- from 8 to 5 elites.

  • Increased visible distance of objective arrows for various chapter 8 mission objectives:

    • Enter Mandarin's Throne Room
    • Disrupt the Mystic Node in the Abandoned Shop
    • Disrupt the Mystic Node in the Empty Tavern
    • Disrupt the Mystic Node in the Ruined Cellar
  • Fixed minor navigation blockers that prevented avatars from flying under some lamp posts in Mutant Town.

  • Updated story portal in Abandoned Subway to the Nightclub District.

  • Fixed minor typo in Hogun's "Asgardian Realm" lore mission.

  • Fixed an issue where the loot cache did not always appear upon clearing the Chapter 6 Mine Shaft treasure room.

  • Nick Fury's armor flavor text is no longer redacted and now viewable for all eyes.

  • Reduced the damage of the Item Grade 80 Golden Bow of Apollo’s rank 3 and 5 procs, bringing the Item Grade 80 version in line with the Item Grade 70 version of the Golden Bow of Apollo with the changes in the previous patch.


  • The Cosmic Bounty Hunter and Normal Solo Run achievements for the Dimensions Collide terminal are not displaying icons in the Achievements panel. This will be corrected in a future update.

  • The Enchanter is currently not appearing in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Training Room.. Hartney the Uru-Forged vendor is standing watch in his place, but… it’s just not the same. The Enchanter will be returning to the Training Room in a future update. In the meantime, The Enchanter is still available in all other hub areas as normal.

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