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Costume Wars 2017! Voting ends 4/10

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It's time to Vote for the Next Marvel Heroes 2016 Costume(s)!

It's clear that you guys want to see more costumes for your favorite heroes! We have compiled a list of costumes that was suggested by YOU that could be our next costumes in-game.

Note that some costumes would fall under the "Enhanced" category which would take longer for our team to make. Some might even fall outside of the current scope of the team and could come much later.

Voting will last until April 10th, 2017! Dates may change

Vote Here!

Click this link to Vote!

Note that the listing is in no particular order.

Look below to see how each costume looks like in the comics...




Depending on the work-load of our team, the amount of costumes we make from this list may vary. We might do a final vote with the Top 5 depending on the results.

Thanks again and we can't wait to see the results! :D


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Colossus <= is not even on the list to vote. :( i understand now, colossus is mean to be forgotten.

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Oh my deadpool maid.

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