The Marvel Heroes 2016 servers are now back online with game update 2.11, and the Anniversary event continues!

[BUG] High Town - Green - Hand Incursion

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There's not enough ninjas to defeat to spawn Elektra for this event.

I've done it twice, with both times running out of ninjas to defeat around the 224-230 mark.

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242 when this wave popped up (4 different times), and they stopped spawning. I kept running around the area but no new spawns.

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Only 240/300 with 2 minutes left on timer, no more ninjas during the last 2 minutes. Then a few waves later it worked normally. Both on Cosmic difficulty.

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Happened also in Cosmic now and then .. think last time i was at 228.

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edited April 14

It's still happening ! How can this not be fixed yet ?


Also, fix my grammar please !

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Just now there were only 270/300 ninja's in this wave in High Town on heroic difficulty.
@KomoriMan @zWolfiez

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It is still happening. The counter stopped at 241 Hand even though I was killing Hand soldiers scattered throughout the map in Heroic Difficulty.

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