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It's been a while since I played. Now that the new system overhaul is in I was wondering what the fastest way to level is. Back when I used to play I was told to do Midtown Manhattan until 20 then spam Legendary Quests until max level. Is this still the case? Thank you.

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None cosmic story is the fastest. Cosmic holo sim till 20, red/cosmic (based on gear you have) terminal lq till you can do story (based on the amount off boost you have).

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You can level up 1-60 in the story mode, pretty easy... No holosim, no lq , no patron, no terminal, just run the story and hit 60.
Btw, green one.

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Hmm when does cosmic story unlock?

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since lvl 1, start by doing Raft(Prologue) and the story will unlock

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@Jerkface said:
Hmm when does cosmic story unlock?

There is no cosmic story. My post was referring to none cosmic/cosmic prestige.

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Fascinating. My difficulty slider on Story only goes to Red.

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For Non Cosmic Prestige I tend to run...

Midtown Madness - Level to 40
Then some of the story, but mostly bosses (Red) until max

Midtown Madness - Level to 46
Same as above (Green) until max

With little gear this seems to work ok getting to max level pretty quick but there might be a better way now since the BUE as some of the story quests have changed

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Story mode is now the fastest way to level. There's this thread on how to do that effectively:
Unless you're cosmic prestiging, in which case, you're in hell anyway, and there's not really a fast way to level except to grind really hard.

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I've done a few "tests" recently with a couple of variances...
base line = 200% XP hero synergy, 10% Cyclops, no boosts running

During Wolv event 50% XP + 100% XP ARMOR:
first quickly leveled the Godkiller legendary when level 60.
Then leveled Wolv and X-23 the following way:
level 1-20 (ish) Holosim - used minion waves.
the rest of the way was story starting from prologue. I just follow the quests. Reached level 60 on both of them when I got to Agent Hale(?) in Chapter 3 after defeating Grim reaper

Did the same with Iron Fist this weekend (50% XP IF and 50%XP event) and had the same result.
Also used a pre-leveled GodKiller

Did with SheHulk (50%XP from event), but no GodKiller and just all Story starting at prologue ended up at lvl 60 after Magneto

For me I like the Holosim because it goes so fast and it is mainly minions and you don't need your travel power that much.
You can do all story, but it's nice to get to at least level 10 before you go to story so you can use your travel power.

(again this is all regular prestiging...non-cosmic)

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