Marvel Heroes 2016 2.06 Patch Notes

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Saint Patrick’s Day Event

Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in Marvel Heroes this year! These bonuses will be active starting Thursday, March 16th through Wednesday, March 22nd at 11:59 PM PST!

  • Lucky Power-Ups - Chase the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow by picking up this holiday themed buff that displays a 4 leaf clover over your head! These buffs drop anywhere in game - collect 5 of them to receive a loot explosion that contains Uniques, Lucky 4 Leaf Clovers, Festive Saint Patrick's Day Hats, Legendary Pieces of Rainbow and more!

  • Bonus XP - 50% server-side XP bonus as well as a bonus to Cosmic leveling for the duration of the event!

  • Legendary Pieces of Rainbow - Collecting three of these lucky charms will allow you to craft a legendary item - the Pot of Gold of Cassidy Keep!

  • Weekend Login Gifts - Log in each day this weekend from Friday through Monday to receive special Saint Patrick’s Day visual items!

  • Saint Patrick’s Day Fortune Cards - A special fortune card just for Saint Patrick’s Day!

Celebrate Marvel’s Iron Fist

In celebration of the release of Marvel’s Iron Fist this Friday, March 17th on Netflix, we’re including a few special Iron Fist themed bonuses!

  • Additional 50% bonus XP while playing Iron Fist! This bonus stacks with the Saint Patrick’s Day event bonus XP!

  • New Marvel’s Iron Fist Costume for Iron Fist available in the in-game store!

  • New Punisher Marvel’s Daredevil Team-Up Variant available in the in-game store, along with a visual update for the Punisher Marvel’s Daredevil costume itself!

  • New Iron Fist themed Achievements to unlock - complete all of them to earn the unique “Immortal Weapon” title!

The Iron Fist celebration XP bonus will only be available this week alongside the Saint Patrick’s Day event - Thursday, March 16th through Wednesday, March 22nd at 11:59 PM PST!

Danger Room Changes

  • Marsh Cliffwalker Crash Site event will now properly advance when completed.

  • Bamboo Forest Relic Hunt event will now award considerable more progression when defeating the Relic Carrier.

Item Changes

  • Cosmic Danger Room Artifacts are now available from Danielle Moonstar in the Danger Room hub area in exchange for Danger Room Merits.

  • Cargill's Re-writes has received some further re-writes:

    • Attributes raised to 1-3 for Normal and 2-3 for Cosmic.
    • Knockback has been reduced. In addition to this, enemies knocked back are now stunned, and then vortexed back in.
  • Personal A.I.M. Robot Dispenser now correctly has maxed affix rolls.

  • The Cosmic Demon Spawn affix has been retired from the game. On your gear you will notice that this affix has been rerolled to Cosmic Might.

  • Fixed an issue where the Cosmic affix that refreshes cooldowns and charges of Movement Powers when you use a Movement power did not work on Powers that did not use charges.

  • Fixed an issue which caused Symbiote Infestation (Artifact) Spawns to deal far more damage than intended.

Hero Changes

All Heroes

  • Travel Powers no longer break Stealth effects.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the cooldown reduction tooltip of Nothing for Nothing could exceed the maximum value.


Bug Fixes:

  • Agile Tumble now properly causes Beast to be invulnerable to damage while moving.

Black Bolt

It has been a couple weeks since Black Bolt was released, and we've received a lot of feedback and metric data on how he could be improved.

We've made substantial changes to many Powers and Talents as detailed below:

  • Various powers have had their animation timings shortened for more responsive canceling windows, and damage has been adjusted accordingly.

  • Power Progression unlock level adjustments:

    • Quasi-Sonic Barrier - moved from lvl 18 to lvl 21
    • Regal Mandate - moved from lvl 21 to lvl 24
    • Master Blow - added at level 28
  • The out-of-combat Charge decay rate has been greatly decreased.

  • Killing Word - now deals a 2s irresistible stun.

  • Quasi-sonic Explosion - now requires and spends 50% Charge to activate. Deals 4% more damage per 10 Charge spent. Cooldown reduced to 4s. Now has the Ranged keyword and maps from Quasi-sonic Surge instead of Quasi-sonic Blast.

  • Regal Mandate - no longer restores Charge and instead reduces cooldown by 6s if 200 Charge can be spent. Keyword changed from Generator to Discharge. This power now animates faster.

  • Close Combat - now restores Charge on hit as a Basic power.

  • Quasi-Sonic Torrent - default cooldown reduced from 12s to 8s. No longer restores Charge and instead reduces cooldown by 6s if 200 Charge can be spent.

  • Terrigen Echo - Charge gain increased to 50%, cooldown increased to 8s.

  • Terrigen Breath - Charge gain increased to 20%, cooldown reduced to 4s.

  • Quasi-sonic Infusion Talent - removed cooldown increase for Killing Word.

  • Inhuman Shockwave - added Melee keyword.

  • Swooping Strikes - added Movement keyword.

  • Split the Sky Vulnerability duration increased to 8s.

  • Cosmic Confluence Talent - The Cosmic Confluence hotspot is now summoned with Split the Sky instead of replacing Quasi-Sonic Geyser. Melee buff removed. Hotspot duration increased to 8s.

  • Master Blow is now a permanent power in the Scion of Attilan tree. It has been modified to move Black Bolt to the target before the punch begins. By default, it is a 20s cooldown, non-Signature power with affix "Spend 200 Charge if available to execute targets". This means Black Bolt can now use both Master Blow and Killing Word in the same build.

  • Master Blow Talent - now transform Master Blow into a 30s cooldown Signature Power with the Always Brutal affix. Additionally, Killing Word loses its Signature status and is instead a lower damage 20s CD power.

  • True Attunement Talent - no longer constantly generates Charge while in combat. Instead, if Charge drops below 50 while in combat, gain 15% Charge per second for 3s (8s cooldown). Also grants health regeneration on Melee hit and a Critical Hit Chance bonus on Ranged hit.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fury of Attilan Talent’s version of Terrigen Breath now consistently refreshes the cooldown of Regal Mandate instead of sometimes failing.

  • Inhuman Constitution now grants Black Bolt additional maximum health.

  • Scepter of the Kree Empire (slot 1 unique) now correctly references "Generator" instead of "Charge" Powers.

  • Quasi-Sonic Geyser no longer has a cooldown and can be cast even if one already exists in the world (it is replaced), which should prevent situations in which it needs to be activated several times before successfully firing.


Bug Fixes:

  • Blade's Killing Strokes should no longer fail to animate on occasion when using the 3rd activation.

Captain America

Bug Fixes:

  • Shield Bounce will no longer cause Shield Throw to go on cooldown.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Call Kurt could sometimes fail to summon Kurt after the initial power.


Bug Fixes:

  • Stamina and Combo Points now clearly states that the Radar Ping effect only occurs once every four seconds. This was always intended, but was not displayed anywhere.


Bug Fixes:

  • Deadpool’s Hulk Hand Arrow was playing a voice over effect on activation much more frequently than intended, which has been corrected.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Marked For Death would reset cooldowns using a power that consumed the mark while Relentless Assassin is active.

Emma Frost

Bug Fixes:

  • The True Queen should now properly display the current damage bonus conversion from Defense Rating.

Green Goblin

Bug Fixes:

  • Carpet Bomb will no longer stop Spirit from regenerating for the duration of the power.


  • Taskmaster and Hawkeye's Poison Gas Bombs are now limited to 2 simultaneous areas, and the visual 'burnt' decal below the gas bomb has been removed. These types of powers adversely affect performance and will continue to be reigned in over time.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Hulk Smash! Would not be treated as a cooldown power while the Hulk Smash! Talent was active. It will also properly display a cooldown tooltip while that talent is active.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Frozen Orb was not granting Frozen Armor with the Blizzard talent selected.

  • Fixed an issue where Frost Nova was considered Mental damage instead of Energy.

Iron Fist

Iron Fist has topped our metrics since the Biggest Update Ever. With this patch we took the opportunity to fix several bugs and retune certain overperforming Powers and Talents as described below:

  • Black-Black Poison Touch - Serpent Stance damage over time increased.

  • Chi Blast - Vulnerability effect increased from 10.4% to 15%.

  • Tiger Stance - Critical Rating bonus increased.

  • Fury of Five Hundred Forces - damage reduced.

  • Flow like the River Talent - buff now also increases damage of all powers.

  • Crimson Hammer Talent - all Critical Hit and Brutal Strike bonuses greatly increased.

  • Follow Through Talent - damage bonus reduced to 50%.

  • Deliberate Tempo Talent - bonus damage reduced to 100%.

  • Chi Surge Talent - no longer refreshes the cooldown of Like Unto Iron. Cooldown now shown on the tooltip.

  • Blended Styles Talent - now allows Stance passive bonuses to persist for 10s after changing Stances (up from 8s).

Bug Fixes:

  • Master of Many Styles Talent - Stance Combo powers now correctly remove Radiance stacks.

  • Crane Stance - health on hit bonus increased and now properly interacts with Solid Stances, Rolling Thunder, and Blended Styles Talents.

  • Fury of Five Forces and Ninjutsu Dash now correctly show Vulnerability information on the tooltip.

  • Fixed an issue where Fury of Five Hundred Fists would not trigger Chi Burst while in Tiger Stance with Eddies of Chi active.

  • The added Chi Burst from effect from Ripple on the Pond should now always trigger.

  • Fixed an issue where Fury of Five Hundred Fists would not trigger Chi Burst while in Tiger Stance with Eddies of Chi active.

  • The added Chi Burst from effect from Ripple on the Pond should now always trigger.

  • Removed several defensive bonuses he received that were not displayed on any tooltips (and unintended).

  • Fixed an issue where Leopard Claw no longer dealt damage with the Style For Every Situation Talent active.

Jean Grey

Bug Fixes:

  • Jean Grey's Unleash the Phoenix talent is once again unlocked at level 1.

  • Jean Grey's Psychic Hammer no longer costs twice as much Spirit as listed. Psychic Hammer and Telekinetic Throw now properly pause Spirit regeneration if the Phoenix Ascending talent is not chosen.

  • Font of Power now properly displays the 50% increased duration of Dark Phoenix instead of 100%.

  • Friends of First Class will now correctly deal Mental damage when not in Phoenix Form.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Rope-a-Dope would sometimes activate without being in range of an enemy when bound to left click and moving to an enemy.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where using Command Lesser Demons would re-summon lesser demons instead of commanding them to attack.

Moon Knight

  • Moon Knight's Slot 5 Hero-specifc Unique has had the proc chance of the Slow effect increased to 20-25%.

  • Angelwing Attack Run will now fire in the direction of your mouse cursor, rather than where you are facing.

Bug Fixes:

  • Crescent Launchers will now properly trigger effects that require Basic Powers (IE Book of Demonicus) with Specialty Crescent Darts active.

  • Launcher Frenzy is now correctly labeled as a Ranged Power.


  • The melee versions of Magneton and Supermassive Pulsars now have different names and descriptions from their ranged counterparts, as well as trigger effects that occur when you detonate a pulsar with a power

  • Star Shield now also increases the shield regeneration of Falling Star to 100%

  • Pulsar Proximity Control and Pulsar Field have swapped places in the Talent Tree

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the melee versions of Magneton and Supermassive Pulsars were not being treated as Pulsar powers properly.

  • Fixed an issue where Unstable Magneton could not be dragged to the hotbar.

  • Fixed an issue where the Anomalous versions of Magneton and Supermassive Pulsars would still go on cooldown while Gravimetric Surge was active.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Assassinate could gain the 100% Critical Hit Chance of Finish the Job permanently, even without the talent selected.

  • Flawless Projection will now properly summon up to 3 projections when you use a Movement Power (4 with Masterful Projection active).


  • Punisher’s Marvel’s Daredevil costume has received a visual update with this patch.

  • Clarified Rapid Reload tooltip to indicate this power does not reset Signature powers.

Bug Fixes:

  • Arsenal: Combat Knife will now properly apply the 8% damage reduction granted to melee-based heroes.

  • Fixed an issue where Automatic Crowd Clearing could be used while Ammo was regenerating.

Rocket Raccoon

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where some powers would not reset their cooldown after using Hadron Enforcer with Upgraded Hadron Enforcer active.

  • C-12 Stun Grenade and Gravity Mine will no longer display Plasma Ammo cost or attack speed tooltips with Upgraded Ordinance enabled, but will display the cooldown granted by it.


Bug Fixes:

  • True Friend will now be able to be used in conjunction with stolen powers that grant Secondary Resource bars.

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl metric data showed several mechanics were causing certain builds to be incredibly overtuned. As a result we've taken the time to fix many of her bugs, as well as re-tune several of her Powers and Talents as described below:

  • Infectious Excitement Talent - damage greatly increased.

  • Dive Bomb - Spirit cost reduced to 12, damage reduced. Fixed an issue in which the damage vs Bleeding targets was granting less bonus damage than expected.

  • Nutcracker - Spirit cost reduced to 14, damage reduced.

  • Squirrelpocalypse - Spirit cost reduced to 16, damage over time damage decreased. Vulnerability duration increased to 8s.

  • Squirrel Friends, Sic 'Em! - damage decreased.

  • Light the Beacon! Talent - damage bonus reduced.

  • Swell the Scurry Talent - damage bonus and duration reduced.

  • Seeing Red Talent - offensive bonuses reduced.

  • Heavy Shelling Talent - updated tooltip to clarify the 2nd and 3rd Acorn hits are at half damage.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Savage Swipe would sometimes activate outside of its range when bound to left click.

  • Fixed an issue where Fell the Tree was not properly increasing the damage of Nutcracker or applying the Execute affix.

  • Fixed an issue where Heavy Shelling wasn’t correctly affecting Nutcracker when Acorn Artillery was used.

  • Fixed an issue where Swell the Scurry wouldn’t summon your maximum squirrels with Light the Beacon active.

  • Squirrelpocolypse will display a cooldown tooltip, not an attack speed tooltip, with Squirrel Stampede active.

  • Fixed an issue where the bleed effect of Seeing Red sometimes wouldn’t trigger.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Squirrel Girl's Raining Rodents to fail to activate if her dash was used during the power.

  • Squirrel Girl's Tippy Toe now correctly inherits the players stats.

  • Fixed a bug in which Tippy Toe would deal less damage after a region change.

  • Squirrels summoned when you hit with a power will now be the correct version while wearing the Aviator or Holiday costumes.

  • Free Hugs! Talent now resets Squirrelpocalypse's cooldown when the Squirrel Stampede talent is selected.


  • Taskmaster and Hawkeye's Poison Gas Bombs are now limited to 2 simultaneous areas, and the visual 'burnt' decal below the gas bomb has been removed. These types of powers adversely affect performance and will continue to be reigned in over time.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Quit It, Hothead's initial damage wasn't triggering.

  • Ol' 1-2-3 now displays the type of damage it deals in the power tooltip.

  • Fantastic Combo tooltip now states Quickened is applied at the end of the power.

  • Fixed an issue where Ol' 1-2-3 would activate without being in range of an enemy when bound to left click and moving to an enemy.

  • UCWF Championship Belt should now correctly increase the size of the Yancy Street Gang.


Bug Fixes:

  • Vision's Overclocking no longer has a 'condition0' listed in the tooltip in place of the explosion's effect name.


Bug Fixes:

  • Bloody Sweep will now correctly display the guaranteed Critical Hit chance with Swath of Destruction active, not Don’t Get Too Close.

  • Fixed an issue where Feral Roar would grant 100% Fury with the Brutality talent.

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes defeating an enemy while the Vulnerability from Exploit Weakness would not refresh the Run Through’s cooldown.

Miscellaneous Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Mole Man has returned to Midtown Patrol now that the coast is clear.

  • Fixed an issue where S.T.A.S.H tab 38 was displaying as purchasable on Adam Warlock even if the player already had this tab unlocked. If this unlock token is currently in your inventory or S.T.A.S.H. and you already have the tab unlocked on your account, the unlock token will be automatically removed and you will receive a refund of 600 Eternity Splinters.

  • Adam Warlock’s inventory can now be refreshed to reset his stock, similar to other vendors.

  • Hulk's 'Hulk Is Smartest One There Is?!' achievement now requires A.I.M. Specialists instead of A.I.M. Engineers. The A.I.M. Engineers had an advanced idea was to change their job position and title to avoid smashing, but Hulk wasn't fooled.

  • Fixed an issue with the Jubilee Team-Up where Big Finish would cause players to get knocked down.

  • Fixed an issue with the Medkit proc on the Personal Skrull Medallion Of Bravery not functioning correctly.

  • Updated the contents of New Hero Welcome Kit and Currency Support Kit to have the newer Boosts in them.

  • The Achievement 'The Cat's Meow' will now unlock upon defeating Black Cat in all her locations.

  • The 'My Own Wurst Enemy' Achievement has been re-enabled.

  • Fixed an issue where the portal to Mandarin's throne room remained hidden in the "Smash HYDRA!" mission if the player dropped out of the game before entering his throne room. It should now be possible to repeat the previous steps to reveal the portal.

  • Bodysliding out of the Lady Deathstrike Super Villain Showdown now functions as expected.

  • Fixed various spelling errors on Waypoint descriptions.


  • The new Cosmically Enhanced Mobile Lab Kit artifact in Danielle Moonstar's inventory within the Danger Room is not displaying its item name or Cosmic affix in the item tooltip.
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