[Poll] Most anticipated DR tilesets?

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Strawpoll link!

What sort of potential DR tilesets (based on existing content) are you most interested in?

Please mention if I've missed any so I can add them to the poll.

Songbird   Songbird Hero Concept  
- updated 20/March/2017  
Crystal Hero Concept  
- updated 12/July/2017  
Cloak & Dagger Concept  
- updated 12/March/2017  
Mystique Hero Concept  
- updated 30/January/2017  
Winter Soldier Feedback
- updated 2/August/2017
Black Bolt Feedback
- updated 23/March/2017
Boss Adjustment/Power Ideas
- updated 23/March/2017
Casual PvP Arena Discussion
- updated 17/March/2015
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