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PVP q not working, need fix ASAP!!

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@KomoriMan , @PsiLocke Hello to our 2 favorite gaz guys, the pvp q just goes on forever i think its broken...Can we get any updates and or plans for pvp please. Ty for taking the time to read this. :( PvP RIP

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sorry to say , but there is nothing to fix. PvP is dead , got abused alot by premade parties

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there was a time when PvP wasn't dead? XD

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PVP is not working because nobody queues anymore. I hope, they will change it in the future by adding more game modes, maps or better rewards.

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All queues haven't been working very well for a while now, probably for the last few weeks. I have only been able to get in 2 or 3 pvp matchs since the update personally.

The ironic thing is that pvp is actually really good now, the games are quick and fun since the golems HP is lowered. I try to stay in the queue as much as possible, while working on achievements, farming, etc.

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Hmm well actually killing golems is not that fun as killing players (for me definitely) and when I last time tried pvp (about 2-3 weeks ago) global dmg reduction was heavily to high and you couldnt kill anyone. So ye... Due to low golems hp these were fast games but it was not pvp.... I really enjoyed pvp from 2 years back. It was sometimes bugged with OP heroes but with some weekly patches it was more or less playable and enjoyable (for me atleast).
What is disappointing atm is the silence from DEVS about future of pvp in this game. I really believed after BUE something stomps on this ground but my hopes are slowly flying away with the interest in this game actually...

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Ive never once been able to successfully enter PvP

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reunite some people by your owm and then you can pvp.
But by itself noone plays it

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@KomoriMan dude! come on!

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Yeah, PVP's been dead for a long long long long LONG long time. Devs have been pretty much silent on it since they said the game's focus will never be PVP. The queue is working fine. It's just no-one plays it anymore.

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you guys are tripping, pvp has never been as dead as what you guys think.

on the other hand, xdef holo sim are the real dead ones

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