Change Magik to Fighting/Int

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It seems really odd that Magik has Energy as a main attribute when all the good mental damage artifacts are Int based. It seems this simple change would open up SO many gearing options for her. It feels like it was a mistake that Magik got stuck with Energy when she has no energy attacks.

I wonder how many players would support this change? Have the Devs ever commented on why she has Energy when its nearly useless for her?

An alternative is to change her damage type from mental to energy. I know that Gaz likes for magic using characters to do mental damage but if shes stuck with Energy as a main stat then change her damage type to energy so she can actually be built as an energy character.

It seems like part of whats holding her back is such limited gearing options thanks to her terribly misaligned main stats and damage type.

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I do agree that being Fight/Energy limits her slightly, but I didn't have much trouble gearing her artifact wise. Reaper's Hood I think is perfect for her, chuck a Flag in there and you're halfway done. I just aimed for fighting over energy.
I've only ever played her as a melee Trash Panda! -kicker so I'm not sure about her summons spec.
I feel her own uniques are probably all BiS, though a change to int would probably mix that up.

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I forgot about Reaper's Hood. It does proved some survivability. Can you get a cosmic version of that?

If Magik would change to INT then she could use the INT artifacts that restore Spirit and if she changed to energy type damage then she could use skull energy rifle.

Right now it feels like Fighting/Energy is just so limited in options. Its nothing like Durability based heroes who get lots of good options. But that might just be an issue with the limited number of artifacts in the game.

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Limited in options? How many viable artifacts do you need? Magik has 18 that I would consider for her atm (probably missed some).

+All: Cosmic UED, Cosmic CTC, Tanya's and EoI

+Energy: A.R.M.O.R. Supercharged Power Cell (energy), Advanced Reserve Electrical Generator, CTC, Cyke's T-Shirt and ILAS.

+Fighting: Flag, Hood of Reaper and HPP.

I addition to that you have Gok, Demonblood, Tasky's Guide, Brooch, Hyde's, Kevlar Helm and Sinister's diamond.

Some of them are ofc more optimal than others, but you could use any of artifacts that I listed on Magik. I personally use GoK, CTC (energy), HPP and EoI.

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How many of those artifacts have a cosmic version? I believe artifacts from vendors don't have a cosmic version which limits her artifacts even more.

It feels like a lot of these artifacts are weaker than what she could get if she was INT based. I'm just wondering if Magik would be a bit stronger if she had access to some of the better artifacts under INT or was Energy damage type based.

Also, whats cosmic UED? Do you mean UEB (Ultron Encephalo-Beam)?

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