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[Test Center] Iceman Update

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Hey folks,

In today's Test Center build, you'll notice that Iceman has received a significant design update!

You can find the detailed notes for Iceman's changes below:

Ice Armor

  • Iceman now uses Ice Armor instead of a primary resource. Ice Armor functions similar to other Armor meters, reducing incoming damage and taking it to the Armor meter instead, until the meter is depleted. No power spends Ice Armor by default.

Power Changes

  • All Deep Freeze powers now restore a percentage of total Ice Armor on activation.

  • Chillblains now restores Ice Armor on hit.

  • Ice Slick now has a 4 second cooldown. The visuals for this power have been updated to use more modern effects.

  • Ice Golems have been redesigned - by default, they only attack in Melee. Activating the ability while Ice Golems are already active cause them to throw a large snowball in the targeted direction, taunt enemies, and activate a PBAoE snow storm around themselves for a short duration. The power now has a 10 second cooldown.

  • Ice Block now restores 100% of maximum Ice Armor.

  • Absolute Zero now restores 100% of maximum Ice Armor.

  • Frozen Orb now has a cooldown and 2 charges. This has been on the borderline as a needed change for some time due to the visual obscurity and performance problems with Frozen Orb when over-spammed. Changing it now makes the most sense in the context of the changes to Deep Freeze with this update.

Talent Changes

  • Iceman's Talents have been rearranged to better support his builds.

  • Focused Beams - Now also affects Icicles, keeping that open as an option for Ranged players. The powers affected by this talent will update their tooltips with the additional damage bonus.

  • Ice-Crafted Weapons - Now grants a 10% damage bonus to Melee attacks. Frozen Blades now deals bonus damage if you have recently Shattered, and restores Ice Armor on hit. Icy Arsenal is now a Cooldown Shatter power that can store up to 3 Charges. This change brings in more layer options for Melee Iceman players, who can now effectively use both Icy Arsenal and Frozen Blades together.

  • Chilled to the Bone - Tooltip polished to reflect the effects of the talent.

  • Golem Mastery - No longer increases duration, but does cause Golems to be auto-summoned in combat, allowing players to opt out of the button press (and opt out of their snowball throw active - the choice is yours)

  • Avalanche - Now causes Glacial Slam to spend all of your Ice Armor in exchange for bonus damage.

  • Icy Aura - Removed. Replaced with "Frost Nova", which turns Flash Freeze into Frost Nova, a large melee area version of Flash Freeze. Note: In today's build, this power will reset its cooldown when a Shatter combination occurs, however this is a slightly older version of the power and will be removed in the next Test Center update.

  • Blizzard - Now cause Frozen Orb to be thrown to a targeted location and stay there for a fixed duration, rather than move around. The moving portion wasn't really working out (unpredictable and sometimes wonky AI movement), so giving more precise control may make this talent more attractive.

  • Icebreaker - Gains the signature cooldown reduction component of Chain Reaction.

  • Chain Reaction - Removed. Replaced with "Crushing Cold", which replaces Glacial Slam with a new Ranged shatter power, Hail Drop. Additionally, Arctic Wave will gain a Ranged projectile component.

  • Last Ditch Defenses - Now automatically triggers Ice Block when below 30% health, rather than triggering a revive effect. Maximum Health amount reduced, but Maximum Ice Armor added.

  • Renewing Cold - Now converts Ice Slick into a Melee attack which automatically is placed below your feet.

Please use this thread for any feedback or bug reports for Iceman's update on Test Center today.


Known Issues

  • Renewing Cold talent is currently not applying the 2 second cooldown increase to Ice Slick.

  • Renewing Cold talent is not changing Ice Slick's ranged keyword to melee as described.

  • Ice-Crafted Weapons talent tooltip does not list the 10% damage bonus to melee powers that is applied by this talent.

  • Ice Armor resource is not regenerating naturally when out of combat.

  • Ice Block and Absolute Zero are not restoring the correct amount of Ice Armor resource on activation.

  • Icebreaker talent is not applying the Absolute Zero cooldown reduction when performing Shatter combinations.

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YESSS. Thank you so much for this. I can't wait to test him!

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Sounds great on paper, looking forward to testing it tonight!

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@Kaideh said:
I'll finally be able to play a ranged Iceman without having to worry about spirit issues. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Its a very welcome and needed change!

Can't wait to test both his ranged and melee. This actually makes me so happy the fact that a lot of this has been done. Will see how close to perfect he really is.... -cough-

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Oh. Guess I'll be re-re-prestiging him soon. I was underwhelmed with his post-BUE status, and couldn't even get him through Trial (spirit & DPS issues, rather than survivability), so I'm really liking the look of this.

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Awesome :) Looks good.

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Ice armor, Frost Nova, area targeting orb, Crushing Cold, very, very interesting guys. I've always thought he should be an AOE monster like Jean, Storm, Mags. Or at the very least give more interesting ranged and melee options beyond his OG kit. This is a solid start to realizing his potential (even if Iceman himself doesn't realize it.. B-)

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So far only one thing.. I would like to have both in my rotation Hail Drop and Frozen orb (the one that doesn't move.) Please make that possible. The fact that you guys are giving us choices on Icy makes me so happy :D

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Other than the request above, I am loving him in both ranged and melee. I feel like he could use one more choice in melee although he is very solid. Defo main worthy <3 Thanks for the update guys.

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I'm excited! These changes look great.
Just do something about his voice, please! D:

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I knew I made the right decision in holding off on Iceman! The new resource is golden and exactly the kinda thing I was waiting and hoping for.

By the gods this next patch will just be awesome.

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Any chance you guys could turn his Ice beam into a CD skill just like Quasi-Sonic Torment from Black Bolt? Without any channel, just an instant ice beam and then it goes on CD? If you want to channel it go ahead without the talent but it sorta feels out of place the way it currently is.

Also personally I would prefer to use Chillblain as my spender opposed to icicles but I will settle :D

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Awesome, this addresses some concerns I was having with him, namely the removal of spirit (he could burn through it pretty fast even with a 100 on medkit catalyst in cosmic patrol boss fights), giving Ice Golems an ability for their summon skill once they are summoned (like Magik's have), and making the talented Frozen Orb a stationary thing (this used to run around blowing up park benches and stuff like that).

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