Considering Magik

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So I am a big fan of magik but this from is filled with talk about how her damage is too low. It make me hesitant to buy her. I have a Psylocke whos damage is just too low to pass Cosmic Trial and I'm worried the same will happen to magik.

Can Magik pass Cosmic trial without needing excessive gear or is her dps as dire low as psylocke?

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She is ok overall so if you are a fan go for it. She could use some minor QoL like recently QoL'd heroes did. Maybe get demonic power instead spirit mechanic etc and some more ways to generate the soul meter for sorcery build. But other than these she is viable. I am currently using her and she is fine. Almost orange prestige :)

Edit: I feel you on Psylock. She is one of my fav X-men. I have her Lady Mandarin Costume but she really needs some Damage tuning. Definitely a candidate for a rework :)

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