Marvel Heroes 2016 2.02 Patch Notes

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New Hero: Beast

Beast has joined the Hero roster of Marvel Heroes 2016!

Born with his mutation, Henry McCoy's high intellect and unusually enlarged limbs brought him much hardship before seeking refuge at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Until one fateful day when McCoy's scientific experiments went irreversibly wrong, enhancing his natural senses and constitution but inadvertently mutating him further with animal features such as claws, fangs, and fur.

As an original member of the X-Men, Hank's condition still continues to wildly mutate over time. Despite these challenges, he remains undeterred as the team's wittiest mutant of many talents. Genius. Athlete. X-Man. But to most, he is simply Beast.

New Team-Up: Jubilee

Jubilee has joined the Team-Up roster of Marvel Heroes 2016!

Jubilation Lee's parents gave their daughter a comfortable life growing up in Beverly Hills, until their assassination left her orphaned, broke and homeless. Seeking shelter and food inside a nearby shopping mall, Jubilee's latent mutant powers first manifested themselves as colorful energy plasmoids she would refer to as fireworks. Surviving as a street performer, Jubilee was taken in by the X-Men as a student at their institute where she quickly became the team's newest member.

Cosmic Difficulty Reward Updates

Cosmic power has infused many of our villains and locations throughout the game! But, with great difficulty comes great rewards! Many items have been granted additional power and many boss and enemy rewards have been increased! A suite of brand new items has been added as well!

Terminal Bounty Missions Have Returned!

Before the arrival of the Difficulty Slider, Cosmic Terminals had “Bounty Missions” that tasked players with defeating a certain number of enemies in the terminal for extra loot chests at the end. Those bounty missions have returned and are available in all three active difficulties for players at any level!

Bounty chests in Cosmic Difficulty now also include:

  • High chance for an Epic or Cosmic Catalyst
  • Low chance for a 500,000 credit chest
  • Moderate chance to drop Unstable Molecules
  • Double XP Orbs compared to Normal & Heroic
  • Higher chances to get a Boss Artifact for the terminal in which the bounty mission was completed than before the Difficulty Slider
  • Low chance for Cosmic Artifacts for the terminal in which the bounty mission was completed

Cosmic Artifacts

Cosmic Artifacts are here! Available in Cosmic Patrols and Terminals, many of your favorite artifacts have been infused with cosmic power and have become even more powerful! There are even brand new artifacts with both regular and cosmic versions!

What is a Cosmic Artifact?

Cosmic Artifacts function much like Cosmic Armor, Rings, and Catalysts do. While their existing affixes are not more powerful, they gain one of eight new Cosmic Affixes. These affixes activate in combat and can last for up to 30s once you exit combat.

Note: These affixes do not stack together - only one affix of each type can be equipped at a time.

These affixes are:

  • While in combat, reduce the cooldown of your Signature Powers by 10%.
  • While in combat, reduce the cooldown of your Ultimate Power by 10 seconds.
  • While in combat, your maximum Primary Resource is increased by 150.
  • While in combat, your Attributes are increased by 1.
  • While in combat, your Defense Rating is increased by 1500.
  • While in combat, your Dodge Rating is increased by 1500.
  • While in combat, your Deflect Rating is increased by 1500.
  • While in combat, your maximum Health is increased by 1500.
  • While in combat, your abilities cost 15% less Primary Resource.

Additionally, many Cosmic Artifacts have had their minimum roll ranges improved, making it much easier to obtain one with better rolls than their normal counterparts as well as making it easier to reroll for better values!

How Do I Acquire a Cosmic Artifact?

Cosmic Artifacts drop from the same bosses that Boss Artifacts have dropped from in the past, but only in Cosmic difficulty. These are not on the shared boss loot tables, only on their specific bosses in Cosmic Difficulty Terminals and Patrols.

Existing Artifacts With Cosmic Versions:

  • Black Cat's Advanced Grappling Hook
  • Fred Dukes' Bodysuit
  • Crossbones Teaching Credentials
  • Kevlar Plated Helmet
  • Mask of Doom
  • Hand of Doom
  • Hyde's Formula
  • Advanced Circlet of Cyttorak
  • Black Tom's Shillelagh
  • White Suit Jacket
  • Gem of the Kursed
  • Lizard's Formula
  • Magneto Was Right T-Shirt
  • Sacred White Gorilla Necklace
  • Arnim Zola's ESP Box
  • Sinister's Diamond
  • Mental Focus Headband
  • Mole Man's Staff
  • Pyro's Flamethrower
  • Sabertooth's Furry Mane
  • Tanya's Love Letter
  • Nick Fury Was Right T-Shirt
  • Spider Clone Serum
  • Taskmaster's Fighting for Losers Guide
  • EMP Device
  • Iron Legion Armor Sheath
  • Ultron Bi-Level Concussion Projector
  • Ultron Encephalo-Beam

New Artifacts

We have added new Artifacts to the following bosses in both normal and cosmic versions!

  • Hood of the Reaper - Grim Reaper
  • Energy Infused Pistols - The Hood
  • The Broken Crown - Loki
  • Wrist Mounted Laser Projection Unit - Living Laser
  • Rhino's Indestructible Horn - Rhino
  • Vibro-Smashers - Shocker
  • Symbiote Infestation - Venom
  • Superior Spider-Mask - Doctor Octopus

Crafting Options

Get a Cosmic Artifact with a Cosmic Affix that isn’t to your liking? There is a new recipe that allows you to reroll the cosmic affix on a cosmic artifact. This requires a new crafting material, Cosmic Fragment, that drops from any enemy in Cosmic Difficulty.

Credit Items

Several new credit items have been added to the game!

  • Kingpin’s Suitcase - A rare Kingpin drop wherever he appears in Cosmic content, his suitcase full of cash is worth 100,000 Credits!
  • Cosmic Essence - Bottled samples of Cosmic Power have been collected from many villains and henchmen across cosmic content. Your vendors and crafters would be very interested to learn about this new power, to the tune of 25,000 credits per item!

Experience & Credit Changes

Several changes have been made to the XP and Credit rewards for different difficulty settings in Terminals and Patrols:

  • Cosmic Difficulty XP and Credit bonus increased to 240%
  • Cosmic Terminal Boss and Bounty Chest XP greatly increased
  • Cosmic Patrol Boss XP reduced
  • Normal and Heroic Patrol Boss XP increased

Future Updates

We are committed to releasing more and more items for players to chase in all of our different content modes to better match their difficulty since the launch of the Difficulty slider.

We are currently working on creating Cosmic versions of the following Artifacts in a future release:

  • Flag of the Imperial Skrull Empire
  • Orders From The Emperor
  • Skrull Communication Device
  • Skrull Energy Rifle Focusing Crystal
  • Wizard’s Id Machine
  • Reserve Electrical Generator
  • Essence of Dread
  • Sentinel Targeting Unit
  • Cargill's Rewrites

We are also planning on updating rewards for Cosmic Muspelheim to better match the difficulty in a future update!

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