Marvel Heroes 2016 2.01 Patch Notes

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Item Changes


  • Magneto Was Right T-Shirt no longer rolls Area or Energy Damage Rating. Now rolls +1-3 Intelligence and +1-2 Durability.

  • Luke's Lucky Chain has received a small buff. Increased Damage Rating and Summoned Ally Damage.

  • The Book of Demonicus was performing a little too strong since the Hero Changes. It is now: When you hit with a Basic Power, gain +30 Damage Rating for 3s. This effect stacks up to 25 times (not affected by Power Duration) and +3 to All Attributes.


  • Oscorp Prototype Generator’s Speed roll has been replaced with Durability.

  • Magnetic Field Generator Attribute rolls are now Durability and Intelligence.


  • The recipe to transfer Offensive & Defensive crafted affixes between Catalysts has been restored under the Catalyst recipe tab.

  • Catalysts with visual only affixes should work in the crafter again.

  • The Unique tier of Cybernetics should no longer roll the same affix repeatedly.

  • The technology needed to craft an Omega Sentinel Arm Unique has been rediscovered. Forge will probably forget again in the future.

  • Your crafting team have remembered how to craft Crossbones' Tactical Vest!

The following crafting recipes have had their Credit costs lowered:

  • Reroll Unique Affixes - 94,999 Credits

  • Reroll Unique Medallion - 94,999 Credits

  • Epic Transformation V - 40,000 Credits

  • Unique Transformation II - 50,000 Credits

  • Unique Transformation III - 50,000 Credits

  • Medallion Upgrade - 94,999 Credits

  • Red Onslaught Medallion - 94,999 Credits

  • Mzee's Hardened Shell - 94,999 Credits

  • Mask of the Goat - 94,999 Credits

  • Starktech Sentinel Adaptive Reactor - 94,999 Credits

  • Essence of Jinn - 94,999 Credits

  • Advanced Bannertech Accelerator - 81,999 Credits

  • Advanced Bannertech Adrenalizer - 81,999 Credits

  • Random Artifact Affixes - 94,999 Credits

Gamepad Changes

Released button mappings were incomplete. Corrections are now reflected in the updated Control Scheme image in Gamepad Options tab. Changes include:

  • Ultimate - Switches from a Modified Left Bumper Press ("R2+L1") to a Modified Left Stick Click (R2+L3). (Accidentally firing the Ultimate was too common when attempting to use L1 for Medkit.)

  • Travel Toggle - Left Stick Click ("L3") is a more intuitive button for Travel Toggle. (Travel Toggle removed from Modified Left Trigger ("R2+L2").)

  • Escape Press - Now on "back button" (Previously R3)

  • Map Overlay - R3 is Map overlay (Previously L3)

  • Inventory - Shortcut to Inventory is now Modified D-Pad Right ("R2+Right DPad")

  • Social Panel - Social Panel shortcut is removed from a Modified D-Pad Right and only accessible through the Radial Menu

Other gamepad changes:

  • Destructibles have an even lower target priority, making mobs easier to target. Auto-targeting was never intended to be so heavy handed.

  • Red target indicator icon has been removed.

  • When using a gamepad, target lock auto-targeting no longer attempts to target defeated enemies.

Achievement Changes

  • Heroes for Hire Achievement They Call Me Luke CAGE! may now be completed on any difficulty.

  • Black Panther Achievement Doom War may now be completed on any difficulty.

  • Red Solo Run Achievements have been retired and will no longer grant rewards. They have been relocated to X-Traordinary Feats.

Hero Changes

The following heroes Offensive Traits have been adjusted:

  • Black Panther - Fighting / Intelligence

  • Cable - Fighting / Energy

  • Iron Man - Energy / Intelligence

  • Jean Grey - Energy / Intelligence

  • Juggernaut - Durability / Strength

  • Kitty Pryde - Fighting / Intelligence

  • Magneto - Energy / Intelligence

  • Psylocke - Fighting / Intelligence

  • She-Hulk - Durability / Strength

  • Squirrel Girl - Fighting / Speed

  • War Machine - Durability / Strength

  • Winter Soldier - Strength / Fighting

Hero-specific Uniques for the Heroes listed above have been modified to match these Primary Attribute changes.

In addition to the above changes, Rocket Raccoon has received the following Attributes change:

  • Rocket Raccoon - Rocket's natural Attribute scaling has changed to better support his existing Primary Attributes.

Black Cat

  • Claws Out maximum distance slightly reduced, to keep her within melee reach if using it in a melee rotation or to quickly move to the opposite edge of her target.

Black Panther

Bug Fixes:

  • Activating Black Panther’s Travel power while wearing the ENHANCED Shuri costume will no longer result in a T-pose.


  • Life of the Party Talent no longer provides the Unbreakable team buff, which is reserved for long cooldown powers.


Bug Fixes:

  • Titanic Slam tooltip will no longer refer to spending Armor if the Talent Meteoric Slam is not selected.

Ghost Rider

  • Removed cooldown reduction on Vengeance Incarnate Talent so that Vengeance and Penance Stare cooldowns don't become desynced.

Bug Fixes:

  • Ghost Rider’s Hero-specific Uniques have been adjusted so that the Attribute bonuses correctly match his Primary Attributes.


Bug Fixes:

  • Hulk's Furious Punch now correctly regenerates Health on hit.

Invisible Woman

Bug Fixes:

  • Applied Barrier now has a unique description, not mentioning Invisibility, and no longer has the Invisibility power keyword (orange text).

  • When using the Focus Talent (formerly called Endurance), the shared charges among Seeker Orbs, Applied Barrier, and Invisibility will now properly function.

  • Roll Out and Quantum Compression no longer have placeholder description text. Roll Out now also uses the proper power icon.

  • Quantum Compression will now properly play its full animation with each activation.

  • Applied Barrier now displays a buff icon in the buff bar

  • The Talent Stay out of Sight will now properly cause Shield Blitz to not deal damage, and greats it the Stealth power keyword (orange text).

Jean Grey

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Psi Shield’s briefly transitioned into the incorrect VFX at the end of the power.


  • Juggernaut's Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut Talent now has greatly reduced cost, but also reduced damage.

Bug Fixes:

  • Juggernaut's Embrace Cyttorak Talent tooltip corrected to show the actual amount that Momentum is increased while the buff is active.

  • Round of Applause now properly spends Momentum when above 30% for more damage.

Kitty Pryde

  • Phased Out no longer requires additional button presses - every activation will be used automatically at Kitty Pryde's location. Damage increased, compensating for the lower number of hits in the new version. It will not be a precise 1:1 increase, as Kitty now exits the signature faster, allowing your natural damage to begin sooner than in the previous incarnation, but a generous compensation has been added.

  • Martial Arts Combo - Lockheed Energy on hit increased to 10.

  • Non-Coporeal Beatdown - damage increased.

  • Watch Your Step - damage decreased.

  • Just a Phase - all buff affixes significantly increased, fixed an issue where the Movement Speed bonus was not being applied.

  • Line of Fire, Shadow & Flame - reduced bonus damage based on Lockheed Energy spent.

  • Precision Flames Talent - Lockheed Energy cost reduced to 25.

  • Flame Barrage Talent - now shows damage of AoE attack on tooltip.

  • Sword Wielder Talent - corrected name of power dealing the damage over time.

  • Coordinated Attacks Talent - adjusted bonus damage to 15%.

Bug Fixes:

  • Heartbreaker / Logan-Style - now show their cooldowns on the power tooltip.

  • Phased Insights Talent - fixed to also increase Brutal Strike damage as described on tooltip.


Bug Fixes:

  • Loki's Misdirection will no longer prevent Spirit from regenerating.

Luke Cage

  • Vehicular Manslaughter - cost reduced to 20.

  • Chain Yank - no longer has a cooldown, and cost reduced to 15.

  • Sweet Christmas - now shows knockdown duration on tooltip, damage reduced, and buff effects increased while duration reduced to 8s.

  • Savage Beatdown - now also increases Brutal Damage.

  • Harlem Dropkick - cost reduced to 18.

  • Dempsey Roll - cost increased to 25.

  • All Finisher damage reduced and balanced against each other.

  • Follow-Through Talent - ratings greatly increased but duration reduced.

  • Improvised Wrecking Ball (Ultimate) - damage increased and Luke is now invulnerable for the power's duration.


Bug Fixes:

  • Signature will now no longer prevent charges of Unstable Pulsar from generating.

Rocket Raccoon

  • Removed Plasma Ammo cost from H7 Fleetslayer.

  • Groot’s Healing Spores now also passively summons Groot, but disables the use of My Friend Groot.

Bug Fixes:

  • Upgraded Fleetslayer Talent will now give +1 charge to H7 Fleetslayer as listed on the tooltip.

  • Hadron Enforcer no longer uses an identical power icon as H7 Fleetslayer.

Scarlet Witch

Bug Fixes:

  • Chaos Blast will now properly gain 10% damage from the Command Chaos Talent if the Chaos Blast Talent (now named Total Chaos) is taken. If Total Chaos is taken, the Balance Talent will no longer give bonus damage to Chaos Blast.

  • Chaos Blast's +10% damage based on recent Disruption spell use will now properly trigger form all Disruption-keyworded powers.

  • Chaos Rift now properly deals maximum damage when Chaos Overload is active.

  • Dark Hex now properly always triggers all of its secondary effects while Chaos Overload is active.

  • Unmake Reality is now affected by the Balance Talent.

  • Fixed dragging a power from the Power Library showing the wrong icon when the Wiccan costume is equipped.

  • Fixed a bug with Dark Hex not having accurate proc chances (when Chaos Overload is not active).


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a disconnect when using the Freezing Tempest power.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Thor's Odinforce bar UI to fill the correct amount corresponding to the available amount of Odinforce when Thor, King of Asgard Talent is selected.

  • Helm of the Skyfather (Thor slot 5 Hero-specific Unique) Attribute bonuses now match Thor’s Primary Attributes.


Bug Fixes:

  • Vision's Travel power will no longer have animation hitches during the windup.

Winter Soldier

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Relentless Assault Talent was not adding charges to Magnetic Disc Mine.


  • Rampage now deals damage to enemies in a much wider radius instead of directly in front of him.

  • Added visual cues to Unstoppable Beast to show when it is active.

  • Tornado Claw animation slowed down a bit to look more fluid.

  • Eviscerate animation sped up slightly to feel more responsive.

  • Frenzy animation sped up slightly.

  • Frenzy’s Fury cost reduced to 25.

  • Run Through movement speed sped up, but now requires a target to activate.

Bug Fixes:

  • Rampage now looks and sounds correct when hitting enemies.

  • Fixed minor typos in the Brutality Talent tooltip.


  • Keep Moving no longer adds charges to Rending Leap.

  • Bloody Leap Talent now adds charges to Rending Leap (previously gained from Keep Moving) and reduces its cooldown by 1 second.

  • Final Technique Talent now causes Rending Leap to apply Grievous Wounds (previously gained from Bloody Leap Talent).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Cleaving Claws was not generating Wrath with Telling Strikes Talent selected

Miscellaneous Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Crowd control effects used by enemies against player Heroes will once again have diminishing returns.

  • Effects that reduce Spirit costs below 50% now function as intended. This includes the Spirit Cost Reduction stat, which no longer has a 50% cap.

  • Fixed an issue where some teleporting Heroes were running to the intended location instead of teleporting.

  • Fixed issues where some powers would fail to transform slotted powers on activation (such as Vision’s Density Shift or Jean Grey’s Dark Phoenix).

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Gifting feature from completing transactions in the in-game store. Gifting should now work again as normal.

  • Fixed an issue in the Team-Up Synergy tooltip that would show the uncapped value for Total Synergy Bonus, rather than capping at +100%.

  • Fixed an issue with the Team-Up Statistic panel Statistics tab that caused it to not display the full stat descriptions correctly.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Ant-Man’s slot 5 items to fail to roll with the proper affixes. These items should now be dropping normally in the world once again.

  • Fixed an issue where the Pirate Deadpool Team-Up could not be unlocked.

  • Fixed an issue in which the Investigate the Old Cathedral mission granted its reward twice.

  • Fixed an issue which could cause the Party leader to sometimes not have the Party right-click button appear on the Party Panel.

  • Fixed an issue where the Rachel Cole-Alves Team-Up was improperly displaying her full name. She took her husband's name.

  • Chapter 2 Story Missions will stay up-to-date with your current zone if you should happen to skip forward (such as via Waypoint or Player Teleport).

  • Health on Hit Hero Synergies fixed to grant more than 1 health on hit (Rogue, Magik, Blade).

  • Punisher's Health on enemy defeat Hero Synergy increased by 100%.

  • Increased the damage of all throwable objects in the game world.

  • Raid boss Health has been decreased to match their intended Health values.

  • Cosmic Trial difficulty has been slightly increased.

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