Magik Feedback for 2.0

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  • Branded Mind respects proc coefficients, no sorcery power can reliably sustain the effect.
  • Soul Sever tooltip updates every use, apparently trying to factor the execute damage. Reports 0 damage after being used on a full health target.
  • Explosive Will states it grants Sorcerous Eruption an 8 second cooldown, actual cooldown is 4 seconds. Either the tooltip or skill is wrong, and I'm leaning to the tooltip since 4 seconds was the old cooldown on Eruption. Damage bonuses for Eruption and Shockwave are also listed backwards on the tooltip, Eruption currently gets +300% and Shockwave gets +200%, and not the other way around. Eruption and Seven League Step roughly match in damage per cast and opportunity cost, so I think the shockwave damage and Eruption part of the tooltip simply need updated.
  • Tooltip on power bar for Eternal Servitude does not dynamically update to Back from Limbo with a minion enslaved, requiring you to exit combat and place the new version manually. Each time the skill is placed on the power bar in either form, it summons the enslaved minion with partial skill effects active. Even after Back from Limbo is lost from changing spec pages.
  • Expending Soul charges with Sever does not remove the floating runes around Magik.
  • Otherworldly Nova tooltip still doesn't state it restores 100% soul gauge.
  • Deadly Fangs gives base melee damage without stating base, making it look like a multiplier
  • Dark Pact likewise gives base damage while appearing as if it should be a multiplier


  • All non summon skills that scale with summon damage seem massively undertuned.
  • Summons skills depawning every minute is bad, as the activated skill they each have doesn't even properly detect them despawning. They need to be auto summoned when the skill is placed on the bar, and resurrect ~30 seconds after dying, and depawn instantly if the skill is removed. This would prevent the exploit the timer is meant to prevent, make minion health relevant, and be more player friendly.
  • There is currently zero point in not using Sever on cooldown, even with Sever the Silver Thread selected.
  • Explosive will needs to remove the damage reduced per target hit affix from Shockwave, as the old dark pact effect did.

Edit: and now I notice they finally posted the new official feedback thread this morning. Sigh. Reposting this there.

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