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HERO GUIDE 2017 - Killyana, a Post Update Melee Magik

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edited February 27

This is a Magik with no active summons, reliably sturdy and solid burst. Mine's at 50% dr/3k hp with no real concessions to TTK and I'm sure there's room to improve.


Deadly Fangs: This is to cause Souldblaze effect with just Soul Brand

Blood in the Air: another 10% damage to affected targets

Stepping Disc Mastery: Everything here is useful. Great gathering and beatdown powers as well as additional teleports for surviving

Sever the Silver Thread: a huge damage and crit boost to Soul Sever in place of vengeful spirits. More than worthy.

Explosive Will: Boosts Sorcerous Eruption for great aoe


Left Click: Soul Cleaving - No spirit issues using this reliable filler

1: Stepping Disc - I do like having a variable distance dash with this tele to safely sidestep the mess of AoEs some areas have. Good positioning to start the rotation.

2: Step to Me - Solid hit and gather to use in conjunction with...

3: Soul Brand - Our source of sorcery, ranged, talent interactions for extra damage and extra melee damage, vulnerability, and a generous life and spirit on hit to the affected.

4: Sorcerous Eruption - with interactions set up, it's time to drop bombs, the first of which clears the minor trash

5: Seven League Step - Very effective beatdown while invuln made even better if it can first have the trash out of the way

6: Soul Sever - Our assassination button, teleports behind and only a 4 second cd.

Right Click: Signature.


I'm using Excalibur to keep her consistent in melee. Skrull X-men medallion, ILAS, HPP, Flag, Brooch. Try and remember some survivability while gearing up. Her default unis look best.


Go for Fighting/Energy/attack speed/health regen/damage reduction/defense with your infinities to start.

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Oh I thought I was the only one using excalibur, I guess most ppl use trident and warlock eye.

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Love this build, just wanted to comment. :)

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