Marvel Heroes 2016 2.0 Patch Notes

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As this is our biggest game update ever, it's only fitting that these are also our biggest patch notes ever!

To help you navigate these enormous patch notes, you can reference the index below. Simply click the link and it will take you directly to the post that contains that section:

Lunar New Year Event
Difficulty Slider
Story Mode Changes
Infinity System
Talents & Traits
Team-Up Changes
Gamepad Changes
Movement Powers Changes
Hero Stat Changes
Character Panel Changes
Items Changes
New Mission Tracker
Achievements Changes
Hero Changes (Angela - Captain Marvel)
Hero Changes (Colossus - Gambit)
Hero Changes (Ghost Rider - Iron Fist)
Hero Changes (Iron Man - Magneto)
Hero Changes (Moon Knight - Rogue)
Hero Changes (Scarlet Witch - Storm)
Hero Changes (Taskmaster - Vision)
Hero Changes (War Machine - X-23)
Miscellaneous Changes & Bug Fixes
Known Issues

Lunar New Year Event

The Lunar New Year Event has come with tons of great bonuses for you acquire! This event officially begins Sunday, January 22nd and ends on Sunday, January 29th!

Enemies will have a chance of dropping a Lucky Red Envelope which can hold items from Catalysts, Elements, Uniques, and much more. You even have a chance to grab some rare boxes in the Envelopes!

You can also find Lunar Dragons and Lunar Lanterns by defeating enemies anywhere in the game which can be sold for additional credits!

Daily Log-in Gifts:

  • 8 Cube Shards
  • Two Hour Credit Find Boost potions (+20 credits per potion)
  • A stack of 50 Festive Fireworks

Difficulty Slider

With the launch of this update, the Difficulty Slider is now available in Marvel Heroes! Now you can customize your experience even further to suit your gameplay preference.

The Difficulty Slider can be accessed at the bottom of the Waypoint “M.A.P.” window. To use it, simply select the desired region, then the difficulty setting (Normal, Heroic, Cosmic), and finally “Warp To Location”. Note that not all modes are accessible in all difficulties - some game modes, such as Raids, can only be played in Heroic difficulty for example.

Difficulty Modes Available at Launch:

  • Story - Normal, Heroic
  • Terminals - Normal, Heroic, Cosmic
  • Midtown - Normal, Heroic, Cosmic*
  • Industry City Patrol - Heroic, Cosmic*
  • Hightown - Normal, Heroic, Cosmic*
  • One-Shots - Normal, Heroic
  • Holo-Sim - Heroic
  • Muspelheim Raid - Heroic, Cosmic
  • Axis Raid - Heroic
  • Danger Room - Heroic for the Danger Room Hub, the scenarios themselves determine the difficulty.
  • X-Defense - Heroic
  • Age of Ultron - Heroic
  • PvP - difficulty slider does not affect this mode
  • Rotating Events (e.g. Limbo) - Normal, Heroic
  • Cow/Doop Levels - Heroic

*Cosmic Gate required. The gate still grants access to all 3 Cosmic Patrol Zones, which have their own Waypoint, separate from their Normal and Heroic versions. The Cosmic Gate itself is locked to Heroic difficulty.

Each increase in difficulty increases enemy Health and damage, but also brings with it increased rewards:

  • Heroic: 90% increased XP and Credits
  • Cosmic: 200% increased XP and Credits

With the release of the Difficulty Slider, Terminals will no longer be separated in the Waypoint menu by difficulty, such as Green, Red, or Cosmic Terminals. Difficulty settings will be entirely controlled by the Difficulty Slider setting. Patrol modes will continue to be separated in the Challenges tab and will still need to be unlocked via the Cosmic Trial. Danger Room will also not be affected by the Difficulty Slider, as the difficulty within Danger Room is determined by the Scenario itself rather than your Difficulty Slider setting.

Note that when playing in a group, only the Party Leader can change the Difficulty Slider settings for your group. If the party leader attempts to change the difficulty, all group members are notified and will have the option to change with the leader, or leave the group and remain in the current region & difficulty.

Difficulty Setting Item Progression

With this update, the Difficulty Slider setting also affects what item rarities are available as enemy and Boss drops:

  • When playing in Normal difficulty, enemies and bosses drop items from Common through Epic rarity tiers. This applies to any items that drop along the normal rarity scale, such as slot 1-5 items, Insignias, Rings, etc.

  • Starting with Heroic difficulty and higher, Cosmic and Unique rarity items become available as drops from enemies and Bosses.

  • These changes do not apply to things like event reward boxes (such as Odin's Bounty Chests) which drop when playing in Normal difficulty mode. Reward boxes of that variety have not had their loot tables changed and are still able to drop Cosmic and Unique items if they previously could. These changes only apply specifically to direct drops from enemies and Bosses.

Story Mode Updates

The following Story Chapters have all received significant updates:

  • Chapter 2

  • Chapter 3

  • Chapter 5

  • Chapter 6

Similar to our Chapter 1 update, each of these Chapters has been overhauled with new areas, missions, Super Villain Showdowns and even some new items to hunt down!

Try them out with your favorite max level Heroes in higher difficulties using the new Difficulty Slider for a whole new experience!

Boss Updates

In addition to the Story Chapter updates mentioned above, a number of Bosses seen throughout the game have received some significant changes to make them more challenging and fun to encounter!

Tombstone boss changes:

  • Sped up animations for Tombstone's punches
  • Crushing Leap attack now has a telegraph
  • New power: Spinning Lariat
  • New power: Disengaging Bulletspray

Bullseye boss changes:

  • Added more daggers to Bullseye’s triple dagger throw and warning indicator
  • New Power: Side Roll evasive maneuver

Green Goblin boss changes:

  • Fixed telegraphs on Bombing Run power - they will properly display now
  • Added telegraph to Explosive Pumpkin Bomb, removed it from Poison Pumpkin Bomb
  • Increased time between all attacks (delay in between activating each one)
  • Razor Bats will now seek out enemies rather than pierce, but can be easily outrun
  • Rocket telegraph lengthened and made wider, and the amount of time before activation increased
  • Shock Gloves anti-melee attack knockback effect increased
  • In the Raft, Green Goblin will not use his aerial pumpkin barrage (signature) attack

Living Laser boss changes:

  • Laser Shield and ranged basic attacks have been removed from Living Laser's boss kit
  • The channeled laser beams now track the target very slowly, and come in 3 second and 6 second channeled variations. When fighting laser, stay out of his beams and you'll do fine, but he shouldn't sweep beams where there aren't potential target any longer
  • "Laser From Above" now has a 'new style' warning decal

Blob & Toad boss changes:

  • Blob no longer knocks back with his melee combo
  • Blob’s Bellyflop now knocks back further and has a telegraph
  • Toad’s leap now leaves a cloud of poisonous gas where he lands
  • New Power (Toad): Poisonous Frog Swarm
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