How Will Coulson Return?

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OK, most Marvel fans now know that #CoulsonLives in the new 'Agents of SHIELD' TV series, but how do you think he'll return?

I like the theory that he's actually Vision in Coulson's form. Not sure if that's likely, but I like it.

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I don't think it will be Vision or anything related. I think it is going to just be something "simple".

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It sounds like the explanation is complicated so I'm going to agree its very likely he isn't fully human and could well be Vision. But if not and he's fully human then I think he was healed by magic (perhaps from Dr. Strange/Scarlet Witch or even Black Panther).

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LMD was my first guess too :)
The other option is to not explain it fully. Just wave it off as "SHIELD spook stuff".

Personally I don't care how they do it. I'm just excited for the show :D

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I suppose it's not possible that this series takes place before he died?

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@Zeroaegis said:

I suppose it's not possible that this series takes place before he died?

No, it takes place after the events of The Avengers.

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I get the feeling that the method of his return will be a plot point that continues to be a point of mystery for the full season, with hints given every episode.

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I don't recall an actual funeral in The Avengers so it's possible that medical intervention saved him just in time.

Or the Coulson that died was an LMD.

Or a clone.

Or a hologram.

Or a twin.

Twin seems the most plausible to me.

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They've said one line hill says in the pilot is "He must never know the truth of his death"

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he is a droid... with the mental of Coulson?

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LMD Like Tony's in the movie?

IDK, but people who have seen the footage of the pilot say the explanation is quite viable, so yeah.

I think a god would be able to tell he's not human, i'd be disappointed if not so.

Anyways, we'll see this fall...

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A wizard did it. :D

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LMD, like Nick Fury in MUA2. :D

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they confirmed Coulson wont return

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Yeah, an LMD is the traditional Marvel Comics thing to do, but it's also possible they're playing the long con here and this Coulson is an LMD... or otherwise android. Or something.

Little far-fetched, sure, but they could do it.

I think it's more likely they brought him back from the brink of death with some sort of experimental surgery procedures. He's probably got a lot of artificial organs and stuff going on now.

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@thegreatpancake said:
they confirmed Coulson wont return

they said he wont return because they need to keep his death a secret from the avengers for the motivation to keep the avengers going

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I believe the first scene at Agents of SHIELD will be Coulson entering some "hospital" to be treated. It's the easiest and logical explanation.

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I like the idea of the LMD either that Loki killed the LMD or that LMD is the one in the tv show, but really I just think Fury lied cause like CronoSMagnum said the team needed a rally point.

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