Marvel Heroes 2016 1.34 Patch Notes

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Winter Holiday 2016 Event

In the spirit of the holidays, during this event you will receive a mission that will allow you to collect gifts to surprise your fellow superheroes and allies, who in turn will reward you with a present of your own! You'll have to follow the hints to figure out exactly what to get them, however...

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Stan Lee is located near the waypoint in Avenger's Tower. We hear he likes candy!

Reporter Ben Urich can be found talking to Jessica Jones near the fish tank in Avenger's Tower. We hear he likes trees.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Coulson can be found near vendor alley in Avenger's Tower. We hear he has been looking for a full set of Iron Man cards.

Wonder Man can be found playing near the pool table in Avenger's Tower. We hear he is a big fan of food!

Professor Xavier can be found in Cerebro's chambers in the X-Mansion. We hear he has been looking for an elusive Sentinel component.

Beast can be found in the Danger Room. He has been looking for something to tame his wild fur.

Nick Fury can be found in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. He has been looking for a cooler alternative to his current eye patch.

Maria Hill can be found in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. We hear she has been looking for a special Panther artifact.

Sue Storm can be found in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. She has been looking for a 1st generation force field.

Heimdall can be found in Odin’s Palace. He has been obsessed with trying to get into Doop's world.

Sif can be found in Odin’s Palace. We hear she really likes credits.

Abigail Brand can be found in Nick Fury’s Toolshed. She has been heard mumbling something about taking back that one HYDRA woman's necklace.

Remember! You can only exchange gifts with each member ONCE.

In addition to the holiday event mission, Winter buffs will drop from any enemies defeated. Collect 5 of these buffs to receive a lootsplosion of holiday gifts for being nice this year! There is a rare chance that Santa will consider you super nice and your holiday lootsplosion will contain rarer items, and more of them!

While everyone is spreading holiday cheer this season, the following additional bonuses will also be active:

  • Winter Punisher Team-Up and Toy Mandroid pet - Log in on any day between December 20th and January 2nd and receive the Winter Punisher Team-Up and Toy Mandroid pet!

  • 14 Days of Giving - Starting December 20th, each day a new present will be awarded to anyone that logs in that day! Don’t miss out!

  • Daily login gift- A stocking stuffer filled with Eternity Splinters and Cube Shards!

  • Server-side Bonuses - Enjoy 100% bonus XP, 50% bonus RIF & SIF, and increased Cosmic prestige leveling rate for the duration of the Winter Event!

Store Updates

The following costumes are now available for purchase in the in-game store:

  • Captain America Arctic Costume

  • Star-Lord Legendary Costume

  • Vision Spectral Costume

The following sales will be available for a limited time this holiday:

  • 50% OFF all Heroes, Costumes, Team-Ups, Pets, and Boxes of 30 Fortune Cards! (Except the new costumes mentioned above)

Visual Updates

With this patch, Hawkeye and Deadpool have received visual updates to their default costumes. Check out their new look in-game!

Danger Room Changes

The Danger Room in the past has been less beneficial to play in a party due to its inconsistent Progression scoring. The dropped Progression Orbs were a primary culprit. Previously, an instance of the Progression Orbs were dropped for each player separately and the collected Orb value was divided by the amount of the players in the party.

We found Orbs can easily be missed if you're not in close proximity to your team when the Orbs are produced upon completing a specific objective. This further compounded the issue.

In an effort to resolve this behavior, the Progression Orbs have been removed. Now, when you complete a mission objective, the full Progression amount is automatically awarded to your team's Progression bar. We hope that this streamlines the act of filling the Progression Bar and, once again, promotes groups of players to work together to complete scenarios. A team working together should always be the most effective way to get things done!

Minor Changes & Bug Fixes

Fixed issues with the Odin's Helm and Bifrost Artifacts having the wrong visual effects associated with them.

Hover tooltips for the Health and Spirit (or alternative Primary resource) meters should no longer hover farther above the meters than intended.

The chat category selection menu should no longer be cut off on the bottom of the screen when the chat window size is set to Small.

Variant costumes that are not equippable by your current Hero will now correctly show the red locked icon border in the inventory to indicate they are not equippable.

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