Marvel Heroes 2016 1.32 Patch Notes

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Event: Invaders from the Dark Dimension - Dimensions Collide!

The Invaders from the Dark Dimension event continues!

After the events of last week’s Midtown Manhattan invasion by Mindless Ones, Doctor Strange and Mordo have discovered that the villain Kaecilius is behind the invasion and that his plan is much bigger. The villainous sorcerer seeks to merge dimensions and end human existence in the process!

Kaecilius has been located in Times Square and is creating a massive portal that will perform the merging utilizing the Cauldron of the Cosmos, a mystical item that is acting as a catalyst. It is up to the players to battle their way to the portal, obtain the Cauldron of the Cosmos and stop Kaecilius from carrying out his plan!

During this phase of the Invaders from the Dark Dimension event, the following bonuses and items will be available:

  • 100% experience boost for all heroes!
  • 50% Rare item find boost to help those looking to get uniques and complete unique achievements before we introduce Omega Items later this year!
  • 50% Bonus Experience for Doctor Strange!
  • 25% Omega experience boost to help players hit 10,000 points before the change to the Infinity System later this year!
  • Sorcerer Supreme Mystery Box available during the Invaders from the Dark Dimension event that contains some great new items!
  • Doctor Strange Movie Costume available in the store to celebrate the theatrical release of Marvel’s Doctor Strange!

In addition to server-side bonuses, be sure to log in Saturday, November 5th for a FREE Doctor Strange Hero Token!

New Terminal: Dimensions Collide

Continue the mission to discover the source of the incursion of the Mindless Ones and put a stop to the portals to the Dark Dimension being opened in our world!

This event mission continues on where it left off in phase 1: after reading your remote notification upon logging in, speak with Mordo in Avenger's Tower to start this event mission.

Upon completion of the event mission, you will unlock waypoints for both normal and cosmic difficulties for repeat play. This terminal will only be around for the duration of the event!

The first time you complete the normal difficulty version of this instance each day, there is a guaranteed Mysterious Blue Omega Box. Kaecilius in Cosmic difficulty has a separate chance to drop a Mysterious Blue Omega Box from each defeat in order to help players looking to fill out their roster with some of our rarest unique items in the game!

As the cosmic difficulty is some of the most challenging content we have released, the rewards match the risk! You might find that taking some friends as backup will help you take down Kaecilius!

UPDATE:: Dimensions Collide Event Terminal Portals drops has been turned off due to an exploit. We are increasing drops for the bosses in both normal and Cosmic!

New Team Up: Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange joins the Team-Up Roster of Marvel Heroes 2016!

When the injuries he sustained in a horrific accident ended Stephen Strange's career as a surgeon, he made a vow to find a way to heal his hands, no matter what the cost. In the mountains of Tibet, he discovered a mystic known only as the Ancient One. In addition to having his hands healed, Stephen became his apprentice and learned the mystic arts, vowing to become a protector of this dimension. After the death of the Ancient One, the title of Sorcerer Supreme was bestowed upon Stephen, making him the ultimate protector of this realm against all things mystical and evil.

New Team Up: Mordo

Mordo joins the Team-Up Roster of Marvel Heroes 2016!

Under the guiding hand of the wise mystic known as the Ancient One, Karl Mordo trained in the mountains of Tibet for years as his mentor unveiled a world beyond most mortal's understanding. During this time with the Masters of the Mystic Arts, Mordo would shape and advance his skills to become highly adept while only growing stronger with time.

With the addition of the Ancient One's newest student, Doctor Strange, Mordo assisted the newly recruited sorcerer through the training process. Now, Mordo harnesses the ancient arts to combat extradimensional enemies who would make this world their own.

Minor Changes & Bug Fixes

Halloween decorations in Avengers Tower have been taken down.

Invaders from the Dark Dimension event related Shared Quests should now progress correctly in Cosmic regions, such as Cosmic Midtown Patrol.

Chat vote bans now silence all chat messages from a banned player.

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